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Turns out even Lionel Messi is a rage quitter on FIFA

Turns out even Lionel Messi is a rage quitter on FIFA

Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi share a bromance like no other. The pair have been best mates ever since coming across each other in 2005, during the U-20 World Cup in the Netherlands. 

Such is their camaraderie, that the two have shared the same rooms during International duty ever since, and Kun Aguero even joined Barcelona to play with his best friend. 

In a recent interview, the former Man City man touched on a variety of topics, including post retirements plans and world cup hopes for Argentina. He also talked a bit about Messi’s FIFA rage, proving that the legendary Argentine is human after all. 

In the interview, Aguero said, “When we play FIFA Messi gets angry when loses, and then he doesn’t play anymore.” He also shared an anecdote, one which dates back to their first tournament together, and adds more context. 

During their first tournament together back in 2005, the pair passed time by playing video games. Aguero admittedly says ” when I play, I annoy my rival.” What he didn’t know at the time was that Messi doesn’t react kindly to being annoyed. His irritating antics led to Messi not speaking to him for a day, although the former Barca man loosened up eventually. 

Fortunately, things turned out in that manner, and fans received one of the greatest bromances in football history, after all, it would’ve been a real shame had their friendship broken up over a video game.