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4 Wholesome AF Moments On Sergio Aguero’s Twitch Stream With Lionel Messi

4 Wholesome AF Moments On Sergio Aguero’s Twitch Stream With Lionel Messi

15th December 2021. Almost to the day one year ago, Sergio Aguero of Manchester City fame called time on his incredible career in order to protect his health owing to a heart condition.

Only six months after his move to Barcelona to play with his mate and international teammate Lionel Messi, he was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia – an irregular heartbeat.

Bidding adieu to the sport in a tearful manner, it could have been very different if not for his health and he would have, in all likelihood, been in Qatar and on the pitch representing Argentina in the World Cup.

Instead, he, like millions of others, is supporting his nation from the sidelines.

Since forcefully taking a step back from the sport, the 34-year-old has amassed a huge following on his Twitch channel, with as many as 4.3 million keeping track of his activity on the platform.

For some, retirement can mean moving away from football and away from the limelight. But Aguero seems totally at ease with his new role as a social media star.

As his nation prepares to face the Netherlands in the quarter-finals, Aguero was joined by Messi and a few other team members while streaming.

Aguero and Messi, former roommates, had a lengthy chat. In fact, the point of the pair sharing a room while on international duty also came up in an emotional manner.

When Kun asked Leo where he currently was, Leo said he was in “our” room, referring to the fact that Messi’s room will always be Kun’s.

Papu Gomez joined Messi in the stream and was the butt of the jokes instantly.

His new hairstyle was questioned and compared to English legend David Beckham. Messi and Aguero were not too sure if Papu was actually comparable to Beckham, the style icon.

Loosely translating, Aguero said, “Do you really think you look like him, you idiot?”. Messi added, “If you wanted it to be the same you would have to” but before he could complete it, Papu interrupted him.

Papu went on to defend himself saying “If I wanted to look the same I would need some botox” clearly making fun of himself as well.

While Papu and Leo were talking to Sergio, fellow Argentines Rodrigo De Paul and Leandro Paredes also crashed the interview, kissing the pair and leaving everyone in fits.

Rodrigo De Paul came out of nowhere and kissed Lionel Messi and Papu Gomez while they were streaming with Sergio Aguero

Then at some point in the stream, Aguero’s assistant came to help Leo and co. in changing some camera settings. A fan’s attempt at translating the whole conversation is below.

The assistant is trying to explain but hilariously keeps getting interrupted as his audience cannot contain their laughter. They are apparently laughing because the speaker has a funny accent and sounds like Pablo Aimar, a former Argentine footballer.

Jokes aside, Aguero wanted his teammates to know he was fully behind them and how much he misses playing the game, “Your victories are also for me, I suffer a lot, but I really enjoy watching you play and that you are so united,” Aguero said.

“I feel like I’m with you, it makes me very happy that everything’s fine.

“Good luck on Friday boys, whatever happens, you are phenomenons, love you.”

All in all, a very wholesome chat that must have really lifted spirits in the South American team’s dressing room. Sure, they are missing a striker of the calibre of Aguero, which is a huge loss, but the striker himself is doing all he possibly can to elevate the team and support them from the sidelines.

Facing a buoyant Dutch team, Messi and co. know they will need all the support they can get and play at their highest level if they want to make it to the semi-finals of this tournament.