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Sergio Aguero Clarifies Calling Eduardo Camavinga A Caradepinga

Sergio Aguero Clarifies Calling Eduardo Camavinga A Caradepinga

Argentina put a nearly three-decade-long trauma to bed when they won the Qatar World Cup final in the most dramatic way possible against France. Despite having a 2-0 lead up until the hour-mark, the game dragged to extra time where it finished 3-3!

Leo Messi scored a brace, Kylian Mbappe managed to get the first World Cup final hat trick in 56 years and penalty shootouts were forced.

Argentina needed the heroics of Emiliano Martinez and some impressive character shown by their penalty takers to help them add a third World Cup star to their crest.

The Argentina players just lost all control and shame, celebrating the win like crazy. Messi was embraced and mobbed by every player.

Some even lifted him on their shoulders to parade him all over the ground, a similar thing that happened to Diego Maradona after he inspired his nation to win the 1986 World Cup.

Some of the Argentine players really didn’t care what people thought of their celebrations. Emiliano Martinez made a joke out of his well-crafted Golden Glove trophy by using it as a ‘willy stick’ with an NSFW celebration.

After they lifted the World Cup trophy aloft in front of the cameras, the party continued well after they exited the field of play.

Things also got quite heated and wild in their hysteria, with the Argentina players or staff not really being shy about their ill feelings toward some of the French players.

Sergio Aguero, who was part of the support staff, started an Instagram Live video moments after the win. As the players were headed to the dressing room, the ex-Barcelona striker called Eduardo Camavinga a ‘d***face’ – all while sipping on champagne.

Apparently, he only did it as a pun by calling him ‘Caradepinga’ (translates to dic*face or dic*head), which rhymes with the name Camavinga.

Aguero’s lewd way of disrespecting a junior player like that in front of over 500,000 watching his Instagram has infuriated many Real Madrid fans, who were shocked by why he’d even do something that.

The ex-Manchester City striker has responded to the accusations against him, replying to a Tweet by writing: “I have nothing against him. It’s a party joke. Also if you search on stream they always joked with his name. Don’t look for problems.

“I have nothing against Camavinga. The boy is a crack. It was a joke, it’s how I stream. It’s all peace and love.”

Well, it seems that Aguero has been using the ‘Caradepinga’ name for Camavinga in his previous watch-along and gaming streams he’s been doing since retiring as a player.

Some fans have speculated that a photoshopped picture that has been circulating online this year, which shows Camavinga kissing the Champions League trophy on the top and Aguero walking away from it at the bottom might’ve triggered the Argentine forward.

The Argentine party has pure chaos so far, and the South American players (or Aguero) don’t seem to care much about what others think about their celebrations.

They are now expected to fly back to their home nation to share their joy with the fans. Seeing as how NSFW their celebrations have already been, one can only imagine how bonkers it will be back at home.