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Lionel Messi sparks hilarious comparison with Insta post for Aguero: ‘Bros before hoes’

Lionel Messi sparks hilarious comparison with Insta post for Aguero: ‘Bros before hoes’

Yesterday, the football world was in a state of dismay following Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero’s heartbreaking farewell press conference.

The Manchester City legend saw his glittering career cut short due to being diagnosed with a heart condition.

Messages of support flooded in from some of the biggest personalities in the game including Aguero’s Argentine teammate and close friend Lionel Messi, who shared a long and heartfelt message for Aguero via his Instagram.

The pair have been friends since they were teenagers, meeting each other for the first time back in 2005. And ever since then a wonderful friendship took birth.

The camaraderie between the two became apparent shortly after their friendship as they often shared the same room while on international duty.

And of course, we’ve all seen the random but intriguing discourse between the pair when a bored Aguero rang up his best bud while on stream.

The biggest indicator of the strong bond the two Argentines share has to be Aguero’s desire to play alongside his La Albiceleste compatriot at a club level, a wish which finally came to fruition this season as Aguero joined the Blaugrana.

Unfortunately, fate intervened, and a contract dispute with La Liga lead to Messi’s departure to PSG.

Following Aguero’s press conference, Messi’s heartbreaking message offers hope and respite for the 33-year-old during one of the most difficult periods of his career.

Messi posts longer message for Aguero

Fans on Twitter quickly began to compare and contrast the farewell message with the one Messi posted in celebration of the 15th anniversary with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo.

The Instagram post for this momentous occasion features a shortly worded message, saying ” Los anas pason..” [As the years pass on].

A tad low effort from Messi, one could imagine.

The comparison acted as a confirmation of where Messi’s true priorities lie, effectively cementing his ‘bros before hoes’ status.

We jest of course, although users on Twitter seemed to find an uncanny resemblance between the young Roccuzo and Kun Aguero, with some jokingly suggesting that the reason for Messi’s relationship at the time was simply her similarity with Aguero as far as appearance is concerned.