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Arsenal slammed for absurd pricing of burger and fries at the Emirates

Arsenal slammed for absurd pricing of burger and fries at the Emirates

Arsenal’s home turf, the Emirates Stadium is an architectural marvel.

Consisting of a four-tier bowl system, the stadium is the 4th largest venue in the Premier League with the ability to accommodate over 60,000 spectators.

The towering monument can instil a bit of intimidation in the hearts of the rivals, and sometimes fans alike especially when you consider the eye-watering prices which grant you a seat in what is undoubtedly prime real estate.

Ticketing prices at the Emirates have always been among the highest in the top tier of English football.

A similar monetization policy has taken an effect on the prices for food and drink as well.

An image shared by a popular football fan account @FootyScran during the game against West Ham displays the staggering prices of the Emirates food menu.

The fan purchased the classic burger and chips combo, albeit at the outlandish cost of £18.05.

The rest of their food menu doesn’t make for comfortable reading either, including a separate cost for fries at £3.75 ‘only’.

Fans online were reasonably bemused at the extravagant prices giving us hilarious takes, with one user saying, “For that price, I’d expect Bergkamp to pass it to me.”

As for our take on this, well we’ll let John Henry take over –

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