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Fans swoon over Thiago Alcantara rocking £300 remake of iconic Predator boots

Fans swoon over Thiago Alcantara rocking £300 remake of iconic Predator boots

Thiago Alcantara is filled to the brim with flair and class. Be it deft first touches, swerving strikes, or his signature ‘Thiago turn‘, the Spaniard exudes elegance.

The 30-year-old has been impressive for Liverpool lately, seizing control of games effortlessly.

Fittingly enough, a player oozing such finesse now has a pair of boots to match.

Images have emerged of the Spanish International training at Kirkby, these pictures have fans swooning at the sight of Thiago.

Part of the reason is the new cleats Thiago is seen sporting.

Coming to us via German sportswear brand Adidas, these glorious boots are a part of the recently released Legends’ pack of football boots, which include the F50, Ghosted, Adizero, and AdiPure.

The ones Thiago can be seen donning are called the ‘Predator Pulse Legends’.

Featuring a black base with the iconic Three Stripes and golden applications, the cleats radiate luxury and mastery.

Add a wizard-like Thiago into the mix and you’re left with an image that fans can’t stop gushing over.

The lavish boots come with an extravagant price tag of £300, quashing the desires of many admirers on Twitter.

All is not lost however, fans can still get a taste albeit digitally as the entire collection will be available in the simulation video game FIFA 22.

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