Man City put cheeky Sergio Aguero tribute in next season’s home kit

Sergio Aguero in City kit

Manchester City’s home kit for the 21/22 season from Puma will feature a tribute to their beloved striker Sergio Aguero as a leaked picture shows the numbers 93.20 being marked on the insides of the blue shirt.

The numbers on the inside of the collar is a reference to the time in the game when Sergio Aguero scored a goal to win City their first title in 44 years with back in 2012.

The game against QPR and Sergio Aguero’s goal stands out as one of the iconic moments of the Premier League era as it started a period of domination for the Manchester-based side.

What can also be seen is the number 10 in faded font over the 20, marking the 10th anniversary of the special Aguero moment.

Here is a photo of the leaked Man City home kit for the 21/22 season –


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