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Mikel Arteta Parodies Pep Guardiola in Viral Interview After Crystal Palace Win

Mikel Arteta Parodies Pep Guardiola in Viral Interview After Crystal Palace Win

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is in the spotlight for supposedly stealing Pep Guardiola’s vibes. Following Arsenal’s 1-0 victory against Crystal Palace, Arteta and his boys maintained their perfect run of winning two games out of two in the English Premier League.

The Gunners captain found the back of the net in the 53rd minute by scoring from a penalty which remained the only goal of the game. Arsenal seemed to be in the driver’s seat as Martin Odegaard scored.

However, things took a turn when defender Takehiro Tomiyasu was sent off after receiving two yellow cards within the span of 7 minutes.

The Gunners held on for the next 23 minutes with ten men and secured the 3 points. The win makes Arsenal one of the top three clubs in the table along with Manchester City and Brighton.

Arteta gives off Guardiola vibes

Every club manager has his unique way of expressing himself in interviews and press conferences. They have their own style or vibe which separates them from one another.

But something different happened in the post-match interview after Arsenal secured a narrow victory over Crystal Palace. Little did the fans know about what was in store for them.

The interview went viral as it seemed that Arteta was seen following in the footsteps of his former mentor Pep Guardiola when the journalist threw some not-so-inspiring questions at him.

He asked: “Grit and character to see that game out after you went down to 10 men.” exclaimed the reporter. The Pep-like response to this question went viral online.

Arteta answered with a still and serious face: “Great win, I’m so happy.”

The next question was: “What was the most pleasing aspect of the performance?”

Arteta answered in signature Guardiola style: “Under any circumstances, you win.”

Arteta and Pep go a long way

What entertained the fans most was Arteta’s use of the words “I am so happy” which Pep uses very often in his post-match interviews.

The interview was like watching the Manchester City manager with his head full of hair.

Pep Guardiola is popular for his funny, quick, short and blunt responses in post-match interviews and it looks like Mikel Arteta, who once worked as an assistant manager under Pep, is proving to be a worthy apprentice in every way.

Arteta has received a lot of praise for his reserved attitude even when his side is playing well. However, some fans feel that he buries his emotions deep down and keeps a serious look on his face.

The friendship between Pep Guardiola and Mikel Arteta goes way back to when Arteta was in Barcelona. Pep was his captain and idol when he was 16. He even replaced Pep in a friendly match.

Then, after retiring as a player, Arteta became Man City assistant manager under Pep. Now, after learning a lot from his former mentor Arteta has established himself as a successful manager and has taken Arsenal to new heights.

The two know each other so well that Arteta ends up consciously or subconsciously copying Pep’s interview style making the fans think he is stealing Pep’s vibe.