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Why Does Man City Star Phil Foden’s Son Go By ‘El Wey’?

Why Does Man City Star Phil Foden’s Son Go By ‘El Wey’?

A surprising star of the Manchester City Treble celebrations appears to have been Ronnie Foden, the son of Phil Foden, who has even earned his own nickname after going viral for his cutest reactions to their euphoria. Ronnie, born in 2019 to Foden and his partner Rebecca Cooke, is already a big football fan and obviously loves the Cityzens.

Who is Ronnie Foden?

So when he watched them complete an amazing European Treble by winning the UEFA Champions League final over Inter Milan, the 4-year-old demanded to be part of the celebrations alongside his dad and his teammates over the next few days of joy.

Ronnie also appears to be a major hit among the Manchester City players because of his friendly nature and ability to mingle well with the players. He seems to be especially cosy with uncle Erling Haaland, who is anyways great with the kids. The Norwegian forward was often seen sticking close to Foden’s son and celebrating around with him.

At one point, Ronnie even crept up on Haaland as he was taking a picture with the Champions League trophy and blatantly admitted that he felt that Erling looked like a girl from behind, mostly in reference to long hair that many women would probably be jealous of.

Ronnie Foden goes viral as ‘El Wey’

The clips of Foden’s son created a major viral trend on social media, with City supporters also falling in love with him and how well he interacts with the players. He has even been lauded with a new nickname ‘El Wey’ by the fans. This is actually a Spanish term that basically translates to ‘The Dude’.

The reason why Ronnie has been attributed with this nickname is mostly because of his popularity in the Cityzens’ dressing room and how proactive he has been over the last few weeks in motivating them to complete the historic Treble. 

Phil Foden has personally posted a ton of clips to show just how well his son has been getting along with his teammates, and that doesn’t include just Haaland. He seems to be going on well with his father’s England teammates too, with Kyle Walker also having a fun time with him after the Champions League win.

He appears to be getting on well with City forward Julian Alvarez, smiling brightly in a selfie with the Argentina World Cup winner – who saw an amazing campaign capped off in the best way possible with the Champions League trophy.

Man City fans love El Wey

Ronnie has already made himself a major fan-favourite among the Sky Blues’ faithful, with fans celebrating how sweetly he manages to brighten up the mood of the dressing room or any player with his loveable behaviour.

As a matter of fact, fans have become so obsessed with him that they have started to create compilations of his antics around the City dressing room and in celebrations. Some fans are celebrating how the four-year-old has been able to touch more trophies than Harry Kane and with how all-over-the-place he was in the Champions League celebrations.

Some fans have also branded him as a key part of helping the Cityzens pull off this incredible achievement of winning the treble. Ronnie has been cited to play the role of a physio, a tactical analyst, a photographer and the ultimate bro-like figure among the City players.

City supporters have also fallen in love with how much knowledge he already has about the club and what is the most trending thing about it. Ronnie was heard singing the Rodri chant that goes like ‘All I wanna sing is Rodri’s on fire’ after the Spaniard scored the stunning winning goal for City against Inter Milan in the final.

Even though there is still no real guarantee that Ronnie will even follow in his father’s footsteps to be a professional footballer later in his life, he definitely seems to be a big fan of all the celebrations that come for footballers after impressive achievements.

The four-year-old might not personally remember everything he did with Erling Haaland and the rest of the City squad in a few years’ time, but there is enough evidence piled up on the internet to prove that ‘El Wey’ will always remain an iconic figure among the City supporters.