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England Fans Unveil New Bukayo Saka Chant Sung To Voulez Vous From ABBA

England Fans Unveil New Bukayo Saka Chant Sung To Voulez Vous From ABBA

Bukayo Saka’s incredible rise since the nightmare of the Euro 2020 final against Italy has made him a really popular figure in England – to the point where he now has a groovy chant about him as well. The 21-year-old is coming off the back of his personal best campaign with Arsenal in which he fuelled the majority of their Premier League title push.

Saka was an absolutely menacing figure for the Gunners – contributing to 24 goals in the Premier League. But well before the end of the league campaign, he also starred for England in their 2022 Qatar World Cup campaign.

The Arsenal winger was arguably the most exciting player for the Three Lions, tormenting opposition defenders with his slick movement and incisiveness in the final third. He scored three goals for England and was probably their best player in the 2-1 loss to France in the quarter-finals too – earning a penalty for his side.

The Bukayo Saka chant taking England faithful by storm

Ever since that, Saka has become a fan favourite among the England regular matchgoers – who have understood how important he’ll be in shaping their success for the next decade or so. Amid all this, the Three Lions’ supporters have come up with a new chant specifically for the young winger.

Ahead of their comfortable 4-0 win over Malta in the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifiers on Friday, the travelling England fans belted out the new chant and a video of it has gone viral. The chant was sung by a number of England fans and appears to be catching up with the fans on social media too.

The Saka chant goes something like this: “Bukayoooo, running down the wing, Saka, hear the England sing, Saka, we’re all going to Berlin!”

This chant refers to Saka’s ability to be a menace while running down the right wing for England, as he did multiple times throughout the World Cup.

The ‘we’re going to Berlin’ bit is a reference to the Euro 2024 final, which will be held at the Olympiastadio in the German capital of Berlin on 14 July 2024.  It’s clear that the England fans are confident of Saka’s ability to guide them to the Euro 2024 final next year and be a vocal force for the Three Lions.

The inspiration behind Saka chant

This new chant from the England faithful is actually a bit of a reworded version of a chant idea that one Arsenal supporter came up with for him after he signed a new long-term contract with the club last month.

The Gooner’s version of the chant goes something like this: ‘Bukayoooooo SAKA, running down the wing, SAKA, hear The Arsenal sing, SAKA, from Hale End Academy.”

The particular Arsenal fan was actually quite proud to have a rendered version of his Saka chant going off among the England faithful in Malta – and the Arsenal fans can probably change it by a bit and use it from next season too.

This Saka chant is actually created to the tune of the famous Swedish band ABBA’s Voulez-Vous. More specifically, it is influenced by Voulez-Vous’ chorus section, which goes something like this:

‘Voulez-vous (aha)
Take it now or leave it (aha)
Now is all we get (aha)
Nothing promised, no regrets (aha)
Voulez-vous (aha)
Ain’t no big decision (aha)
You know what to do (aha)
La question c’est voulez-vous

Saka will be delighted to see himself elevated to a hero-esque status in the national team at such a young age. The Arsenal star is yet to reach the peak years of his career but needs to work hard in keeping himself fit and keep a range of unpredictability to his side if he is to keep shining for England and indeed guide them to Berlin for the Euro 2024 final next year.