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Watch: Luke Shaw reveals paternal feelings for Bukayo Saka in wholesome clip

Watch: Luke Shaw reveals paternal feelings for Bukayo Saka in wholesome clip

Bukayo Saka has quickly become one of the most liked players in the England national team contingent. The Arsenal talent has started both of the Three Lions’ last two games in the 2020 European Championship, and his performances on the pitch have more than warranted his inclusion over a lot of equally talented superstars.

But it is his demeanour off the pitch that has determined his teammates’ warm feelings for Saka, as most recently testified by Luke Shaw.

The Manchester United left-back has spoken about Saka after England’s 2-0 win over Germany in their EURO 2020 Round of 16 encounter, and the 25-year-old’s comments about his junior were rather wholesome. When asked about his thoughts on Saka, he started off by saying that he “loves” him.

Shaw added further that anyone in the England dressing room can attest to what a good guy the 19-year-old is, and even went on to say that he would love it if Saka was his child.

“I would just love it if he was my child or something, I love him like that and you could ask anyone in the squad and they would say how nice a guy he honestly is. I didn’t know him before I came to the camp and I didn’t know what he would be like but I have got on so well with him, I would love him to be my brother.” Shaw also went on to talk about Saka’s sense of humour.

“He is so cool, so funny and he makes everyone laugh and he doesn’t mean it. He is not a loud person – it is just the way he is, the way he speaks. “Someone like that in the camp is good to have and he gets everyone laughing and we just all love him and appreciate the way he is.”

The pair had never met each other before the EUROs, but they seem to have bonded very well in a matter of weeks – and England will look to profit off their bond on the left flank as they aim for European glory later this month.