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The Top 5 Tattoos of Enzo Fernandez and their Meaning: From Roaring Lions to Angel Wings

The Top 5 Tattoos of Enzo Fernandez and their Meaning: From Roaring Lions to Angel Wings

Enzo Fernandez finally scored his first goal for Chelsea since his £100 million+ move from Benfica in their Carabao Cup second-round win over AFC Wimbledon, but it was his crazy back tattoo that had fans raving after the game.

The Argentine midfielder appears to be slowly, but surely, developing into a key part of the Chelsea team under manager Mauricio Pochettino. With the Blues having spent a huge amount of money to get the ideal partners in Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia to ‘unlock him’, the World Cup winner can now play with more freedom going forward.

Fernandez is expected to be the driving force and also the creative clog in Chelsea’s game, operating as the most advanced midfielder. As a result, he will be expected to deliver assists and goals, which seems to have started with his well-taken strike against Wimbledon to help his side avoid a potential embarrassment.

Enzo Fernandez’ lion tattoo shown in all its glory

After his impressive performance, Enzo decided to exchange shirts with a player from the relatively ‘smaller’ side and the cameras immediately spotted a crazy tattoo on him. The Chelsea media team was able to catch a striking look at the stunning new back tattoo that the Argentine midfielder has inked into his body.

It is the tattoo is a male lion that takes up nearly the entirety of his back. The intricately designed tattoo shows off the face of a lion with impressively drawn whiskers and eyes, indicating that Enzo has probably spent a lot of money to get himself inked like that.

The tattoo of a lion is quite popular among enthusiasts and signifies the strength of a person being as much of that of the magnificent creature. As per Iron Ink, “Lion tattoos usually symbolize strength, bravery, courage and fearlessness. Whether rendered realistically or stylized, the lion represents strength, courage, fearlessness, and wisdom. Many cultures feature lions in their texts, both sacred and secular, and carvings and paintings of them can be seen all over the world.

“Lions feature heavily in the heraldry of royalty, once again linking the lion to its place at the apex of the power hierarchy. Lions are also associated with inner strength – symbolizing how we can reign over our emotions and actions.”

Enzo appears to have gotten the face of the male Lion inked onto his back to act as a metaphor for his inner strength and fearlessness. Even though he has attracted a lot of criticism since joining Chelsea, the Argentine midfielder appears to be a tough person who is willing to fight it out to the top.

Enzo’s obsession with lion tattoos and other designs

With that being said, the midfielder appears to be quite obsessed with tattoos and at the tender age of 22 has already gotten a host of different designs inked all over his body. He has an interesting ‘FE’ letter tattoo on his neck, which is the Portuguese word for ‘Faith’.

On top of that, he also seemingly has a lion tattoo on his left leg and the design of the royal animal on his right arm. The one on his left thigh is a regal portrait of a full-grown male lion with a lot of fur around its neck which is followed by a number of unique tattoos below it.

The lion on his right arm, around the triceps area, is almost reminiscent of that from the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ named Aslan. The lion on his right arm appears to be in a sleeping state, and is quite different from the other lion tattoos on him.

Along with these, he also has a host of intricate tattoos all over him, including a clock on his lower right arm and a similar tattoo as David Beckham – that of a winged cross on the back of his neck.

A clock tattoo symbolizes ‘time to life and death, mortality, existence, infinity, endless love, stability, and structure, or referencing a specific special moment in one’s life,’, while his neck tattoo inspired from Beckham is a gothic-style crucifix – which is a symbol of hope and spirituality.

Interestingly, it appears that Enzo only got this massive lion tattoo inked onto his back after the World Cup win with Argentina.

That is because, before the major tournament, the 22-year-old had some other designs on his back. Indeed, Enzo had the tattoo of Our Lady of Lujan, the Patroness of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay on his back along with that of a car and presumably that of his family members designed on his back.

However it appears that Fernandez decided to cover those tattoos up to create the massive lion tattoo, which shows how fascinated he is with the creature to have as many as three tattoos of a lion on his body. Chelsea fans will hope that the 22-year-old acts as their own lion, the leader of Mauricio Pochettino’s pack that leads them to glory.