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Is Rory Jennings Right? Chelsea YouTuber Stirs Insane Enzo Fernandez v Conor Gallagher Debate

Is Rory Jennings Right? Chelsea YouTuber Stirs Insane Enzo Fernandez v Conor Gallagher Debate

Chelsea have heavily invested in creating a midfield line which they feel can carry the torch for the club for the next decade.

The club has spent over £200 million on the signings of Argentine World Cup winner Enzo Fernandez and Ecuador star Moises Caicedo – two players that the club clearly rate highly.

However, neither of the two players have been able to show the consistency or overall influence that is expected for a footballer valued at over £100 million.

Enzo, in particular, has never really hit top gear in his one year at the club and is yet to replicate his Argentina form at the club level.

Chelsea fan and Talksport host Rory Jennings surely doesn’t seem to be impressed by Fernandez.

The popular YouTuber was recently asked on a podcast about which player from the squad he wants to see sold and said: “Enzo Fernandez. I think he’s useless!”

After that, Jennings also mouthed off his admiration for Conor Gallagher and how the Englishman has been able to stand out from his South American teammates, saying: “I love Conor Gallagher. He’s our best midfielder and the best of the three. Moises Caicedo and Enzo Fernandez share a quarter of a billion quid between them and Conor Gallagher is the best midfielder at the club.

“That’s my opinion. I would try and recoup (for Enzo Fernandez’s sale) and I know we overpaid for him, but I hope we can make someone else overpay for him as well.”

Jennings controversial comments has seemingly split the Chelsea fan base and caused a major debate to be started between the supporters.

A lot of their faithful are still firmly believing in Enzo’s potential to be one of the world’s best players going forward and have rubbished whatever Jennings feels about him.

Most of the Chelsea supporters believe that there is no other midfielder at the club who can match Enzo’s creativity from deeper areas, with the Argentine being robbed of a lot of assists due to the poor condition of their wasteful centre-forwards.

Rory has been accused of being too focused on rating a player’s qualities based on how much ‘passion’ they show for Chelsea on the pitch and hence picking out praise for Gallagher, who has a slightly more energetic demeanour than Fernandez – who has a more reserved playing style based on helping build-up attacking moves through clever passing.

With that being said, there are some supporters who are also in favour of supporting whatever Jennings had to say in his assessment of the Enzo Fernandez vs Conor Gallagher debate.

The reality of the situation is that Mauricio Pochettino would ideally love to have both Enzo and Gallagher at his disposal for the long-term because when playing together – the two bring more balanace and variety to the Chelsea midfield line.

One thing that is almost assured, however, is that the Blues are unlikely to pay any attention to Jennings’ opinion and have plans to give Enzo Fernandez enough time and opportunities to be a success story at Stamford Bridge.