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See Enzo Fernandez Rock a Givenchy Varsity Jacket Like a Pro

See Enzo Fernandez Rock a Givenchy Varsity Jacket Like a Pro

Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez is finally starting to find his groove at Stamford Bridge into the final months of his first full season at the club.

Life in England hasn’t been all rainbow and sunshine for the Argentine midfielder, whose hefty £106.8 million price tag has weighed over him like a dark cloud.

After a difficult first (half) season, the FIFA World Cup winner seems to be finding his comfort zone at Chelsea. He has become an indispensable player under Mauricio Pochettino, playing as a no.10 and also as a box-to-box midfielder.

With seven goals in 31 appearances, including two in his last three and also having guided Chelsea to the Carabao Cup final, Fernandez is finally receiving the love from faithful and is determined to win his first piece of silverware with the Blues at Wembley on Sunday (February 25).

Ahead of that game, Fernandez seems to be enjoying his relaxation period and recently posted a stylish picture on his social media.

Which Givenchy Jacket Is Enzo Fernandez Wearing?

In a recent picture uploaded on his Instagram, Fernandez can be seen posing in front of Cartier’s store in London with a coffee and wearing a casual attire.

The Chelsea man is wearing a bottom combination of baggy cream-coloured pants with white shoes, but it’s his upper-attire that caught the attention of many.

Well, it turns out that Enzo is actually wearing a beautiful black and white wool-leather varsity jacket created by French luxury fashion house Givenchy.

The varsity jacket design has a lot of history attached to it. The jacket’s origin dates way back to 1891, when the Harvard University baseball team started wearing cardigans which were the first design before the creation of such jackets.

The varsity jackets were initially known as the ‘Letterman Jacket’ and in 1930, the first edition of what is known as the varsity jacket came into being. It was created to help athletes combat harsh winter conditions with leather sleeves and buttons being added to a wool jersey.

The Givenchy Varsity jacket keeps the essence of the original Varsity jacket with a few modern additions to the style and design. This jacket is created with the combination of a wool blend and leather, adding the two materials to create a super comfortable and warm attire perfect for outdoor wearing.

The sleeves are ingrained with calfskin leather and the collars, cuffs and hem are ribbed with elasticity for extra comfort. Enzo is pulling the attire off with ease, with the color combination looking really slick on him and also being capped off with the glasses and cap.

What Is the Price Of The Givenchy Varsity Jacket?

Well, this stylish Black and White varsity jacket is definitely not cheap. Considering that it’s made by a luxury fashion house like Givenchy, which has been creating quality clothing for people since 1952, that isn’t really a surprise either.

Givenchy’s own online store prices this particular wool and leather varsity jacket at £2,550 and it can be shipped internationally as well. For American fashion enthusiasts, they could also get their hands at this attire for $3,320 on Neiman Marcus as well.

The jacket is a classic fit material with two side pockets to keep your things in if necessary as well. The hiked price of this varsity jacket is mostly because it is created by a brand like Givenchy, which doesn’t really deal in affordable attires.

While this kind of price can erase the savings account of a normal person, this is like loose change for someone like Enzo – who reportedly earns a £15 million-plus annual salary package at Chelsea. The Argentine looks super cool in this attire, but he needs to be fully focused on the task ahead if desiring to outwit the Liverpool midfield and fire Chelsea to win their first trophy under Mauricio Pochettino.