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Eduardo Camavinga Takes Morocco by Storm in Stylish Louis Vuitton and Palm Angels Gear

Eduardo Camavinga Takes Morocco by Storm in Stylish Louis Vuitton and Palm Angels Gear

Real Madrid is flying high this season under Carlo Ancelotti, and how! It’s as if whatever they touch turns to gold.

The iconic white-clad squad has emerged as a dominant force in La Liga, with just a single defeat marring their otherwise flawless campaign. They are comfortably leading the table with 19 points, en route to their 36th league title. They also have one foot in the Champions League quarter-final round, having been victorious against RB Leipzig in the 1st leg of the knockout stage.

With a string of tough league-deciding fixtures scheduled in the upcoming days, Carlo Ancelotti has granted the team a two-day rest. Real Madrid prodigies Vinicius Junior and Eduardo Camavinga made the best out of the little break prior to the tough fixture against Sevilla.

The duo made a trip to the land of Marrakech (Morocco) for a short getaway. The Brazilian forward had committed to a solidarity mission with UNESCO, and his midfield counterpart decided to accompany him.

In Morocco, the duo from Real Madrid is savoring their experience, engaging with fans, participating in heartwarming interactions with the local populace. The French midfielder, in particular, shared glimpses of their journey through a series of photos on his Instagram.

Amidst the wholesome moments captured, one cannot overlook the stylish yet understated outfits that Camavinga chose to wear in the trip.

You can always trust the French to adore some classic and immaculate dressing, and Camavinga is no exception.

Known for his passion for fashion, Camavinga has long been an enthusiastic follower of trends. Rumors are circulating that he is set to inaugurate a fashion hub in Madrid soon. Titled “Camavinga House,” the establishment’s imminent opening was disclosed by the French midfielder himself, in collaboration with his brother, marking an exciting venture into the fashion world.

In July 2022, the midfielder made history by becoming the inaugural footballer to grace the runway for Balenciaga during Paris Fashion Week. Strutting confidently, he sported a sleek all-black suit designed by Georgian visionary Demna Gvasalia, showcasing the formidable strength of his fashion game.

It seems that whatever the midfielder wears effortlessly complements his style. His recent Instagram photos from Morocco serve as a testament to this, exemplifying how effortlessly he carries himself in any attire.

What did Camavinga chose to wear in the trip?

Throughout his Moroccan adventure, Camavinga exhibited an array of outfits, yet one ensemble stood out prominently is a burgundy-colored T-shirt. This garment seemed to feature prominently in the majority of his photographs, including moments captured while engaging in activities like playing pool table.

But it is no ordinary T-shirt but the Louis Vuitton Men’s Intarsia.

The soft cotton knit of this Louis Vuitton T-shirt makes it a perfect choice for a casual outing. Worn by the midfielder, it features a heavyweight sweater-style burgundy cotton knit with a regular fit. The shirt also has raglan short sleeves, white zigzagged diagonal accents on the front and back shoulders and lower sides, a burgundy ribbed crewneck, and a white ‘Louis Vuitton’ intarsia on the front.

From the looks of it, Camavinga seems to have made a thorough visit to his nearest Louis Vuitton store prior to his trip, as all the pictures from his travel album feature him exclusively wearing Louis Vuitton topwear.

On another occasion, Camavinga was spotted sporting a Tapestry Monogram Sweatshirt from Louis Vuitton.

This casual piece showcases one of the season’s key graphic motifs: a blend of the House’s iconic Monogram with an antique-inspired floral motif. Reproduced as a woven jacquard motif, it adorns a regular-fitting piece with dropped shoulders. The garment is bonded with neoprene for added structure and crafted from sustainable BCI-certified cotton. Additionally, it features ribs at the collar, cuffs, and waistband and is perfect for any late night weekend parties.

All the photos that Camavinga posted featured him adorned in these two LV top wears. However, in a couple of them, when the midfielder posted photos of his bare body, his lower bottom wears are worth noting.

One notable instance is when Camavinga rocked his shirtless look paired with black-colored Palm Angels jogging shorts.

These black Palm Angels jogging shorts may not be extravagant, but they exude comfort and simplicity. Featuring white stripes along the side legs and the “Palm Angels” logo printed in white at the front, they offer a straightforward yet stylish look. With an elasticized waistband and two pockets, crafted from 100% polyester, these shorts are ideal for any casual occasion.

What is the price of these apparels?

Camavinga’s attire might look light and breezy and casual for the eye, but they are definitely not that light on your wallet. Moreover, they are not easy to purchase either.

The burgundy-colored Louis Vuitton T-shirt has unsurprisingly sold out on the official Louis Vuitton website. While you can inquire about its availability at offline stores through their website, it’s highly probable that it’s also out of stock there.

However, if you are fixated on the T-shirt, you can access it from various third-party sellers. For instance, the website Grailed has it in stock. However, the listed price is a whopping $702, excluding the additional $25 for shipping charges, which stands out as quite expensive for a T-shirt. But then again, it is not surprising considering the brand tag.

But if you think that is expensive, then behold the LV monogram sweatshirt, which is nearly double the price. That is, only if it is available. The piece is priced at $1,440 USD on the official website of Rebag. Unfortunately, it is out of stock, and the same is the scenario on the LV official website.

Interestingly, the only place it is in stock right now is eBay. The sweatshirt is up for resale on the website. Although the claim is that it is a never-worn piece, the price markup is crazy steep, as the sweatshirt is listed at around $4,973.06. Paying this price for a sweatshirt, especially one from eBay, is quite extravagant.

However, If you’re aiming to replicate Camavinga’s style while staying within a budget, you might consider looking into the jogging shorts.

The Palm Angels website offers a variety of eight color combinations for the shorts, but unfortunately, they are all out of stock. Similarly, on platforms like Grailed, the shorts are listed at $190 but have also sold out. However, if you’re willing to pay a markup, you can find them available on the official website of clothbase for $395.

But then again, you can’t complain. Everything comes at a price. If you’re aiming to replicate his fiery drip, you have to be prepared to burn a hole in your wallet.