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Real Madrid Boss Carlo Ancelotti Gets Perfect Sunglasses for Raised Eyebrow Look Thanks to Virgil Abloh

Real Madrid Boss Carlo Ancelotti Gets Perfect Sunglasses for Raised Eyebrow Look Thanks to Virgil Abloh

Carlo Ancelotti is widely revered as a legendary football manager and also as a bit of a fashion icon. The Italian gaffer has been involved with the top level of football for almost the last four decades and has undergone a visible transformation.

He initially attained a lot of success as a player. A clever, hard-working midfielder – he won the Serie A title multiple times as well as the UEFA Champions League. After retiring from his successful playing career, Ancelotti quickly transitioned into a management role.

He started his coaching career in the early 1990s and slowly but surely climb to the very top. Ancelotti saw his reputation as a top-level football manager start soaring after his impressive work for Serie A clubs like Juventus and AC Milan.

Carlo Ancelotti’s iconic raised eyebrows

Ancelotti has gained an incredible CV in his managerial career, winning league titles in Italy, England, France and Spain. He’s also done a fabulous job at Real Madrid since rejoining them in 2021 and helped them to the Champions League title in the 21/22 campaign too – which sparked some brilliant celebrations.

The 64-year-old became viral for his antics in the title celebrations last year. He posed with Brazilian players Vinicius Jr, Eder Miltao and Rodrygo – while smoking a cigar and looking like an absolute don.

Before that, Ancelotti also became a bit of a meme after being spotted with his ‘raised eyebrow look – where he’s raised his left eye-brow to intimidate the Madrid players and spark major comebacks in the 21/22 Champions League success. Recently, American fashion designer Virgil Abloh released a very unique sunglasses for Louis Vuitton that is quite state-of-the-art and wacky in its own right.

New Virgil Abloh Sunglasses Perfect for Ancelotti

The newest Virgil Abloh sunglasses has a white frame with black glasses, but the shape of it isn’t linear like normal sunglasses. Instead, the left frame is made to look bigger and almost like a raised eyebrow.

After seeing this, a lot of fans believe it can actually be a perfect fit for Ancelotti because of his own iconic raised eyebrow look.

Even though the 64-year-old isn’t really much of a glasses person and has rarely been seen wearing them in public, this can actually be a perfect fit for the Italian. The unique shape of the Virgil Abloh sunglasses are almost perfect to cover up Ancelotti’s raised eyebrows and fit in well with his hilarious expressions.

Fans envision Ancelotti wearing wacky glasses

In fact, some fans have already started photo-shopping the weird sunglass to fit Ancelotti’s face. Weirdly, it seems like a perfect fit as well. Of course, Louis Vuitton sunglasses aren’t cheap at all and cost well over $500 in average. Not like that kind of money is going to be a problem for someone like the Real Madrid manager, who earns millions at the La Liga giants.

Despite the fans being desperate to see Ancelotti pull off these wacky sunglasses, it’s realistically not going to happen anytime soon. The Italian gaffer isn’t one to wear glasses during matches and only reserves his ‘fashion icon’ persona for celebrations.

So perhaps if Real Madrid were to win anything major next season, Ancelotti could ponder buying something like this and wear it in the title parade to fulfil the dreams of many of his fans.