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Kobbie Mainoo Redefines Cool with Damoflage LV Jeans – Here’s What They Cost

Kobbie Mainoo Redefines Cool with Damoflage LV Jeans – Here’s What They Cost

Kobbie Mainoo has become the talk of the town among Manchester United as he enjoys a brilliant breakthrough season at Old Trafford.

He has almost become the saviour after a disastrous start to the campaign, bringing composure and efficiency back into the team and being responsible for their unbeaten run in 2024 so far.

Mainoo has starred in the Red Devils’ five-match winning streak. In fact, their four-game winning run in the Premier League was sparked by the sensational winner he scored in the thrilling 4-3 win over Wolves.

Even though Mainoo has just two goals in 17 appearances for United, the teenage sensation has showcased maturity beyond his years by controlling the midfield battles for his side and outwitting much more experienced players.

With that being said, the Englishman is still only 18 and is clearly enjoying his time away from the pitch as much he is during games – as shown in some recent Instagram posts that also showcase his wacky fashion choices.

Kobbie Mainoo Shows Off Wacky Louis Vuitton Jeans

Mainoo isn’t actually that active on social media, but his recent surge in popularity has forced him to start posting more often on Instagram.

He does so mostly after positive performances, which have come aplenty this year. Recently, after the hard-fought win over Luton Town, Mainoo posted a couple of pictures about the eventful week he had.

Alongside pictures of him and his teammates, he also posted a few pictures of him in casual attires where he’s hanging around with friends.

In some of the pictures, Mainoo can be visibly seen donning a really unique pair of jeans that is enough to catch anyone’s eyes.

The jeans is actually Louis Vuitton Monogram workwear cargo jeans.

This pair of pants is a dark blue cotton denim jeans which has these wacky patterns inspired by Pharrell’s Damoflage motif that helps anyone actually wearing the jeans stand out from the rest.

It turns out that this pair of Louis Vuitton Jeans is inspired from their ‘Monogram’ line of clothes collection. It was Georges Vuitton, the son of founder Louis Vuitton, who created this label of attires in 1896 as a homage to his late father.

The monogram collection has been one of ‘daring’ where the designers are encouraged to create attires that unorthodox and out of the ordinary.

Louis Vuitton claims that their Monogram design is ‘re-presenting something we think we all know in an extraordinary, individual and idiosyncratic way’.

Well, because of how wacky this pair of jeans really looks like, you wouldn’t expect too many footballers to post pictures wearing it.

But Mainoo doesn’t seem to be one to care much about what others think about his fashion choices and to his credit, he actually seems to be pulling off this eye-catching attire rather well.

What Is The Price Of This Louis Vuitton Jeans?

Now, the mere mention of an iconic luxury fashion brand like Louis Vuitton can itself give an indication of how expensive this unique pair of jeans might be.

Because this is part of a lucrative Louis Vuitton fashion line like the Monogram label, it’s probably priced a bit higher than their average pair of jeans.

Going by luxury fashion goods seller Grailed, this is priced at a whopping $2970 plus shipping charges to whichever country it needs to be sent to. has priced it at over $2000 too, but of course there are shipping charges in this case as well.

Spending over $2000 for a pair of jeans can be considered crazy normally and it might even be slightly surprising that Mainoo decided to shell this much money out for this, considering that his current contract at Old Trafford pays him around reportedly £10,000-a-week wages.

Of course, he is likely to get a much bigger wage package with a new contract, and even so – this amount is not that much for him considering even his current pay deal as well.

The 18-year-old doesn’t anyhow appear as one who will let his activities outside the pitch affect his performances in matches, and fans will hope that he can keep his head straight and continue growing into a mainstay in the Manchester United team for many years to come.