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Fans Can’t Fathom How Gavi is Rated Similar to Enzo Fernandez in FC24

Fans Can’t Fathom How Gavi is Rated Similar to Enzo Fernandez in FC24

With EA Sports’ much-awaited FC 24 now a few weeks away from launching, the player rating cards for all the prominent players have been revealed and the similar rating of Barcelona star Gavi and Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez are causing a stir among the fans.

The two young midfielders were rather successful in their own way in the 2022/23 season. Fernandez, of course, was arguably the more successful one as he was part of Argentina’s FIFA World Cup winning team in the 2022 Qatar World Cup and also earned a record-setting transfer to Chelsea soon after that.

Gavi, to his credit, also maintained a key role in the Barcelona team that clinched the La Liga title last season. He was a mainstay in the starting XI for Xavi Hernandez’s side and played in a variety of different roles, including as a makeshift left-winger at times.

Enzo Fernandez’s rating infuriates fans

With that being said, it would probably be safer to argue that Fernandez had enjoyed a much better season thanks to his impressive performances at the World Cup and admirable work at the club level too.

That is why many fans seem to be absolutely infuriated at how the two are actually given the same overall rating of 83. Despite that, there seems to be a bit of a difference in the key attributes in both players’ FC 24 cards.

For one, Gavi betters the Argentine midfielder in terms of the player pace and dribbling ability aspect, while Enzo has a better rating in the defensive, passing, physicality, defensive and shooting aspects.

This is itself proof that Fernandez should probably have a better rating than the Barcelona star if he ousts him in such many categories, but EA Sports’ developers appear to have used some weird combination technique to keep him with similar ratings.

As a result, a lot of supporters are infuriated at EA for rating them at the same level and venting their frustrations at the developers. Fans are just confused over how Enzo is underrated in multiple aspects, including his low dribbling ability despite being able to get past players with ease.

Fans are also confused over why Enzo is given such a low passing attribute despite being known for his excellent distribution ability and variety.

Barcelona fans defend Gavi’s rating

With that being said, Barcelona fans aren’t exactly going to let their star boy get bullied that easily either. Gavi, who won the Kopa Trophy at the Ballon d’Or last year, remains a very talented midfielder who has become a beloved figure in his club and country.

As a result, a mini-war appears to have occurred between the Barcelona and Chelsea supporters regarding the rating card for their players. The La Liga clubs’ supporters are adamant that Gavi is actually a better overall player than the Argentina midfielder.

In truth, both Fernandez and Gavi have probably been underrated by the EA Sports developers and should’ve had a higher rating than 83. This is especially viable considering some of the ratings which they have dished out to players who were arguably much worse than these two last year.

While gamers can increase the rating of Enzo and Gavi by picking them in manager mode, and their ratings might be increased with updates, the fact that they’re so underrated indicates that perhaps the developers really don’t watch much football.