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Take a Peek Inside James Maddison’s Stylish Box Suite at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Take a Peek Inside James Maddison’s Stylish Box Suite at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

James Maddison is one of the most important players for Tottenham. His playing profile is reminiscent of old-school football. A proper number 10 who can shoot outside the box and thrives while giving the final pass.

Maddison is lucky, to say the least, as his former team is playing in the second tier of English football whereas he will play the Europa League for Tottenham. Although it’s not luck but talent that made Tottenham cash 40 million to sign him from Leicester.

He is good no doubt but is he that good to have his box at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium? Recently on Reddit, a video was circulated that got fans very curious, and the curiosity is understandable as it brings a lot of questions about the present footballing culture and the perks that players get for playing in a big club.

James Maddison posted an Instagram story in which he generously thanks MurWalls, an art company specializing in Mural paintings.

In that video, Maddison enters a lounge area where his and his children’s murals can be seen. Supposedly fans think it is his own lounge where his family can come and sit to watch the England International play.

Now the question that fans are asking is, if Maddison has his own box, then what about other Tottenham players like Son, Dier, etc? Do other clubs have facilities like this too?

The answer is yes, other big clubs with big stadiums definitely have boxes for players but do they have them for every player?

Fans have their own hypothesis as nobody has any solid proof about how it works, nor has anybody raised this concern before. According to one Reddit user, players get a set number of tickets for their friends and families.

 He also adds that Tottenham players can buy something called “Suite”. Kane had a mega-suite, and Son and Dier also had their own.

So basically, you can have your own suite for a period of time, and you can decorate it in your way like Maddison did. So, players basically pay for it from their own pockets to have a suite for themselves.

Maddison seems really happy playing for Spurs and seems like he has the trust of his manager, as Ange started Maddison in both the matches, in his preferred number 10 position, in a 4-2-3-1 formation, and is also the club’s vice-captain, along with Cristian Romero.

Maddison before making his to the North London giants played for Leicester City for 5 years, where he scored 43 goals and gave 34 assists in 163 appearances.

He was a crucial player for the Foxes and seems to have a similar presence while playing with the white jersey, so a personalized box is nothing absurd for a player of his caliber.