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Alexis Mac Allister: His Red Card is Gone, But Can FPL Owners Expect their -2 points Back?

Alexis Mac Allister: His Red Card is Gone, But Can FPL Owners Expect their -2 points Back?

Liverpool fans may have a spring in their step, as they defeated Bournemouth 3-1 at Anfield to achieve their first victory of the season, following a draw with Chelsea for their season opener.

The victory was bittersweet as their midfielder and new signing Alexis Mac Allister received a second yellow following his late lunge on Bournemouth’s Christie. The challenge was late but not worthy of a straight red but that was the card shown by Thomas Bramall.

All across social media, the decision was protested against and disagreed with. So much so, that Liverpool decided to appeal against the decision and appeal they did.

Mac Allister was facing a 3-match suspension and would have put Klopp’s side in a desperate situation since their midfield has been a major issue for them in recent years and Mac Allister’s inclusion and participation is quite crucial for the reds.

Liverpool’s appeal against the suspension has now been upheld by an Independent Regulatory Commission, meaning Mac Allister is eligible for selection when the Reds travel to Newcastle United on Sunday.

This means that the former Brighton man and world cup winner will be available for Liverpool’s clash against Newcastle United on the weekend and it was overall a moral and quite literal victory for the Merseyside club.

FPL managers who owned the Argentine however, are still in their mourning phase because at the time when the red card was shown to Mac Allister, he received a -3 in FPL, taking his overall GW2 score to -2 as the suspension took place on the 57th minute and from what it looks like the score won’t be overturned as well.

FPL managers across social media have berated the fantasy league for not updating player points when incidents like this take place when a club’s appeal is accepted, and a suspension or ban is overturned.

However, look at the situation from their eyes it could prove to be a hefty task changing people’s scores all across the world which would bring a major shift in world rankings and GW rankings.

Similar situations have occurred when a player has received an official assist, after the game but it hasn’t not been updated in the game. In the words of the famous meme, “It is what it is”.

The only bit of joy and a ray of hope for all the 700,000 Mac Allister owners is that he will most likely feature against the magpies and all of them will be hoping he manages to bag a return to boost their rankings and help them recover from the disappointment of GW2.


Saturday 26th of August 2023

It's hardly a major task to update Mac Allister's points. Everything is done electronically - update score, the software does the rest... job done. No excuse in my mind for docking points for a red card that wasn't a red card.