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How Jack Grealish Put An X-Rated Coffee Mug Store On The Map Accidentally

How Jack Grealish Put An X-Rated Coffee Mug Store On The Map Accidentally

Manchester City forward Jack Grealish recently posted a rather hilarious story on his Instagram, which he later deleted.

In the story posted, there was a picture of a coffee mug that had a comical picture of Manchester City defender Nathan Ake on it. Grealish tagged Ake in the story where the captions read “what a cup of tea, and what a mug”. If you haven’t already, take a look yourself.

There exists a bizarre online store by the name of “Footballers With Tits” on the internet, which sells obscene coffee mugs that have drawings of naked footballers with hysterically drawn breasts on them.

Among one of the most disturbingly brilliant things on the internet, the London-based store draws breasts on animated graphics of footballers, celebrities, or even custom requests made by customers on coffee mugs and puts them on sale.

The quirky mugs are a thing of delight as tons of delightful and positive reviews of these could be seen on the internet. Football fans especially have seemed to love this concept, as these mugs are a go-to gift item for the fanatics of the sport.

Mugs featuring graphics of naked Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, and The Neville brothers are listed as the best sellers on the website, and it is safe to assume by the Instagram story of Jack Grealish, that he holds possession of one such mug himself.

However, minutes after posting, Grealish ended up taking the story down, assumingly to avoid any backlash from fans who might find the content sensitive. It is also assumed that City number 10 got a hasty call from the Man City press office. Or maybe, the story simply didn’t go well with Instagram’s policies, which ended up deleting the post themselves.

Whoever deleted it, wasn’t quick enough to not get captured though, and the screenshots of Jack’s story are being thrown around online. This is how some fans have reacted to the story.

The makers of the mug reacted to the story themselves, in their own words, they were “buzzing” to have received an order from Grealish, and that even they were “caught by surprise” to see Jack actually post it online.

This isn’t the first time Grealish has been found pulling pranks like this. The 100 million pound former Aston Villa man is known to be a brat off the football pitch, with clips of him pranking teammates like Bernardo Silva or Ruben Dias could be found online.

After being labeled as a failed signing for the Cityzens last season, Grealish has slowly but steadily found his feet this season.

Having scored 3 goals and provided 4 assists, the Englishman looks to be one of the key parts of Pep’s squad this season. With less than half the season remaining, the Premier League title race is looking delicious with City 5 points off the first-place Arsenal. It also looks to be seen if Grealish would help his club to their first European glory.