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Jack Grealish Reveals His Favourite TV Show And It’s The Least Surprising Thing Ever

Jack Grealish Reveals His Favourite TV Show And It’s The Least Surprising Thing Ever

England’s most expensive player, Jack Grealish, has recently expressed his love for the cult comedy show, ‘The Inbetweeners.’ 

The Manchester City forward responded to a tweet put out by LADbible, a British digital publisher that asked its followers to pick the best comedy show ever aired on Channel 4. The four options listed out were Friday Night Dinner, The Peep Show, Derry Girls, and the Inbetweeners. And Jack didn’t hesitate to pick his favourite, even petitioning to make another season of the cult show. 

The Inbetweeners is a story about four awkward teenagers making their way through the rummage of adolescence and landing in hilarious situations because of their shortcomings. Jack, who has blown up on the stage of world football, seems to closely associate with the characters on the show.

The fans too believe that Jack is closest to the character Neil Sutherland, who is the most gullible yet most sexually experienced member among the four characters on the show. Given how Jack carries himself with his wavy, flowing hair and his devil-may-care attitude, it’s hard to put this aside.  

It’s not just the resemblance with a character of the series, Jack was secretly involved with the actress Emily Atack who plays Charlotte Hinchcliffe on the show. Charlotte was the most popular girl in the school that all the four boys visited and the English international couldn’t help but shake her off his mind.

So Jack in real life cheated on his childhood love and went on secret dates with the actress. But when the tabloids revealed their secret dates, Jack ended this fiasco and went back to his long-term girlfriend and childhood lover, Sasha Attwood. 

The English forward almost lost the love of his life because of his childish fascination for a show. But the 26-year-old is slowly coming out of the cocoon of promising young talent and metamorphosing into one of the better players to have played the game.

Even though his choice of shows remains childlike, his approach to the game has certainly matured.