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Look: Son Heung-Min Scores A Fashion Goal With £1250 Burberry Jacket

Look: Son Heung-Min Scores A Fashion Goal With £1250 Burberry Jacket

A packed-out Tottenham Hotspur stadium was treated to an absolute thriller as Spurs took on Leeds United.

Being the Lilywhites’ final game before the World Cup break, fans had been hoping for a memorable performance to hold them over until next month.

And the side certainly provided exactly that. 

Spurs staged a stunning comeback after having gone down thrice, with Rodrigo Bentancur netting the winner to cap off an impressive solo display. 

Full-time scenes at the incredible venue were a sight to behold, as the players celebrated passionately, with the sold-out crowd cheering them on.

Spurs didn’t just have the 60-odd thousand in the stands on their side, as a special yet familiar guest was also in attendance. 

Tottenham star Son Heung-Min, who missed the game due to a fractured eye socket, made sure to tune in from behind the touchline and support his teammates.

After the full-time whistle, the South Korean also joined in on the
on-field celebrations, which fans absolutely adored. 

What also caught the eye was his stylish outfit for the occasion, as the 30-year-old rolled up to the venue fitted out in Burberry.

Back in June, the fashion label roped in Son as a global ambassador for the brand, and last night, he looked every bit the style icon. 

The forward donned an outfit straight from the Burberry catalogue, featuring an intricate Cashmere jacket, a cold black turtleneck, black trousers, and even black-rimmed glasses to complete the ensemble. 

For fans online, the bomber jacket stood out, as its ‘dark birch’ colourway impressed immediately.

Of course, due credit must be given to the man pulling off the look.

He scores the goals, delivers the assists, draws out the smiles and now, he provides the drip as well. Son Heung-Min can do it all.

For those interested in trying the look for themselves, we hope you have hefty pockets, as the jacket alone will set you back a whopping £1250.