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Safe to Say Son Heung-min Has Won Over Vicario’s Mom

Safe to Say Son Heung-min Has Won Over Vicario’s Mom

A spectrum of jubilation is bound to take over London as Tottenham fans celebrate their team’s crushing victory of 4-0 against Aston Villa on Sunday. This is another great victory for the team, following their 3-1 win against Crystal Palace.

Perhaps what’s astounds fans and foes of the team alike is the beautiful performance shown by the team’s captain Son Heung-min against Aston Villa, where he was also rightfully awarded the player of the match.

With one goal and two assists by Son Heung-min, it is no surprise that the 31-year-old South Korean player will have received a barrage of love and support from fans and admirers.

Yet amongst these myriads of love and support towards Son, a video of a supportive message from an individual towards the Spurs captain has made many on twitter quite surprised!

This recent fan of Son Heung-min is none other than his teammate Guglielmo Vicario’s mother! Monica Vicario, now being called as ‘Queen Vic’ by Spurs fans, in an interview with a South Korean news channel was seen to be ecstatic about Son Heung-min being made the man of the match and also stated that ‘she liked him very much.’

In another video, she is yet again seen showering Son with immense love by stating “He is a great captain, fabulous actually. Indeed, I love him!”

Many on Twitter also have pointed out that on one of the videos it can be clearly seen that couple of disappointed Aston Villa fans attempt to vent out frustration of this defeat by angrily shouting at Monica Vicario. However, she still seems quite unfazed by such chatter and continues with the interview with a proud smile for his son, the team and its proud captain.

Fans found this message of support by Vicario’s mother to the South Korean star player quite heartwarming and one Twitter user stated that “Hope we get to see them meet someday! That’d be wholesome!”

Regardless whether a meeting does take place between Son Heung-min and Monica Vicario, one thing is clear that this high level of support for each other is the very essence of the Spurs fans.

As for Son Heung-min, one can’t deny that he has an impeccable performance on pitch. known for his speed, finishing, two-footedness, and ability to link play, the 31-year-old is often regarded as “Korea’s David Beckham,” and ‘the greatest Asian footballer of our time!’

It’s hence no surprise that he was also he became the most expensive Asian player in football history upon his joining Tottenham Hotspur for £22 million.

However, along with his net worth and extremely impressive skills on the pitch, there is another characteristic of Son that makes him such a loved player for his fans.

The player is also known for his humble and down to earth nature and his sincerity in actions both outside the pitch. When it comes to his mandatory military service for the South Korean Armed forces, he earned the spot as one of the ‘top five recruits’ in his unit.

Maybe one need not look that far to see Son’s humility and positive attitude, for the match on Sunday itself provide a clear example. As the defeated home side went off the field, Tottenham players went over to thank the travelling fans for their support. It was then, when Son noticed a piece of litter on the field and instead of leaving it for a cleaner, the captain decided to take matters into his own hands and scooped the litter piece of litter off the field of Villa Park.

Once again, his fans noted this action and some even remarked ‘Premier League doesn’t deserve him.’

All in all, as Son continues to grow as a loved and respected figure in the world of football, it’s these unexpected supporters like Guglielmo Vicario’s mother that puts an occasional smile on the Spurs fans. Whether or not, the two meet or not, one thing is clear that Tottenham with 16 wins so far does seem to be giving a strong fight in this Premier League and fourth place finish to earn a berth in the Champions League is very much in sight.