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Which Dance Pop Hit is the Destiny Udogie Chant from Tottenham Fans Sung To?

Which Dance Pop Hit is the Destiny Udogie Chant from Tottenham Fans Sung To?

Destiny Udogie has already become a beloved figure among the Tottenham Hotspur faithful.

The 21-year-old has adapted to the English game surprisingly well after joining Spurs from Udinese. He has convinced Ange Postecoglou to ditch Sergio Reguilon, convert Ben Davies to a centre-back and make Ryan Sessegnon an alternate option.

Udogie has only missed four Premier League games in his debut season with Spurs, contributing to five goals (two goals, three assists) in big Ange’s free-flowing attacking system. He’s also been defensively proactive, keeping wingers like Mohamed Salah, Miguel Almiron and most recently Leon Bailey quiet in major games.

Spurs fans simply how the dedication that the Italian full-back has shown during matches. He simply doesn’t stop running and covering ground moving up and down the left-wing, making him a lovable character at Tottenham.

The fans decided to reward him for his consistency with a sweet chant created to celebrate the full-back’s brilliance.

What Does The Destiny Udogie Chant Sound Like?

It actually didn’t take much to make some Spurs fans create a new chant for Udogie. His initial performances at the beginning of the season convinced many that he’d be a success story. As a result, in the early parts of the campaign, this new chant was born as a homage to the 21-year-old.

The Destiny Udogie chant, which has been heard being sung by the Spurs faithful on many occasions this season, goes something like this:


This song itself is the biggest indication of how popular the 21-year-old has become in the fanbase. While winning the league seems impossible this season, Destiny is playing a role to ensure Tottenham prevails in the top-4 race to play in the UEFA Champions League next season.

This chant also indicates at how the Spurs faithful feel Udogie is cool enough to party with as well. For those unknowing, this chant is basically derived from an iconic pop song. It is indeed inspired by Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)’ – considered one of the best dance-pop songs of all time.

In particular, the lyrics and tune for the chant are taken from the chorus of the song, which goes something like this:

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me

How Has Udogie Reacted To Groovy Chant?

The Tottenham supporters have created this chant as a tune they can dance (or jump) to during matches. It has the perfect tune and rhythm that can get anyone to get their body moving. This chant has often been used in after-match parties or celebrations by supporters. Moreover, Udogie’s consistent performances also give the fans enough incentive to have fun singing this during every other match.

In fact, this chant is so irresistible that it has gotten Destiny’s teammates partying to it as well. James Maddison, in particular, seems to be a big fan. As per the Daily Mail, Maddison and his England teammate Jack Grealsh actually danced to the Destiny Udogie chant in October last year in the celebration party after qualifying for Euro 2024.

The Italian defender has also admitted that the Tottenham squad loves shaking a leg to this chant in the dressing room. He told The Athletic earlier this season: “In the dressing room they play this song and everyone sings along. And every game the fans sing it. It’s nice. Maybe I sing it in my head.”

Udogie is evidently delighted and blessed to have received such a warm welcome at Tottenham. While he might be loving the fandom around him, the 21-year-old is motivated to be eyeing the big prizes for fans.

He will be determined to maintain his impressive form until the end of the season to ensure Spurs qualifiers for the Champions League. Maybe after that, he can find enough reason to dance to this groovy tune with his teammates or even some lucky fans.