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Fans Go Wild Over Tintin-Themed Belgium Away Kit for Euro 2024: ‘Instant Classic’

Fans Go Wild Over Tintin-Themed Belgium Away Kit for Euro 2024: ‘Instant Classic’

Belgium has a pretty strong squad heading into Euro 2024. For the likes of Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, this could be their final shot at winning a major international tournament.

The pressure is on the Red Devils to finally break their trophy duck, but at least Adidas is ensuring they look good with a slick kit that seemingly pays homage to Tintin.

For those unknowing, Tintin is a fictional Belgian detective who is the protagonist of iconic comic series The Adventures of Tintin. He’s featured in stories where he solves intriguing mysteries and is involved in dramatic situations.

Created by Belgium cartoonist Herge in 1929, the Tintin comics have entertained fans all over the globe and also been adapted into a movie by Steven Spielberg.

Well, it appears that Adidas have designed the Belgium national team’s away kits to the colours and design of an iconic attire worn by Tintin in his comics.

The character of Tintin gained its fame because of his unique design and appearance in the comics. A slender character with a round that is capped off a single spiked orange hair, Tintin stands out from any other comic book character and is also accompanied by his dog Snowy.

But it’s Tintin’s attire that has become quite iconic over the decades, especially the blue full-length shirt that he wears with his brown pants. Adidas has taken homage from Tintin’s attire when it comes to designing the Red Devils’ away kit for the Euros.

Firstly, the kits that Belgium will wear in the Euros feature a sky blue colour t-shirt but with the same kind of white collar design as the attire Tintin wears.

The Adidas kit is just a bit lighter than the blue fade from the famous detective’s shirt. There is, however, a bit of white shade around the sides of the t-shirt that helps it obtain some originality.

What is rather interesting is that Adidas seems to plan to top off this kit with brown shorts, which is also a nod to the bottom wear which Tintin used to wear in the comics.

If not anyone else, this kit is probably likely to perfect suit Kevin de Bruyne – who has actually been hailed as ‘Tintin De Bruyne’ in the past by Belgian fans.

Kevin has similar features to the iconic detective (with the light skin and orange hair). A ‘Tintin De Bruyne’ t-shirt was also released in his tribute before the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

With that being said, this early leak for Belgium’s possible away kit has earned a lot of praise on social media. Even those who aren’t Red Devils fanatics appear to love the slick design and how it pays the perfect tribute to the comic book icon.

Fan reactions to Tintin-Themed Belgium Away Kit for Euro 2024
Fan reactions to Tintin-Themed Belgium Away Kit for Euro 2024

The overall design and aesthetics of the kit has attracted praise. Some believe this look can be made even better if the players are made to wear brown-coloured boots to cap off the look. This has also seemingly made some other countries’ fans quite jealous.

Belgium’s current home and away kits on their official online stores cost around £71.7 and £49.9, but the Euro 2024 attires are unlikely to be this cheap. They are probably going to be upwards of £100 and Adidas might even make these Tintin-inspired ones a bit more expensive because of the favourable early reactions.

But this innovative attire is likely to prove to be one of Adidas’ best designs for the Belgium team. With Tintin being a pride of Belgium, it makes perfect sense to pay homage to the character and in this case – sky blue might be the ideal colour for the Red Devils.