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Who Are Guglielmo Vicario’s Parents? Meet Tottenham’s Newest Fans: Michele and Monica

Who Are Guglielmo Vicario’s Parents? Meet Tottenham’s Newest Fans: Michele and Monica

Guglielmo Vicario has become an extremely popular figure at Tottenham Hotspur after an impressive debut season and it seems that his likeable personality stems from his parents Michele and Monica.

The 27-year-old goalkeeper is a super-serious proactive figure during games, but also has the funniest Instagram account which occasionally features his parents.

Recently, Vicario’s impressive debut season at Spurs was acknowledged at the London Football Awards – where he won the Goalkeeper of the Year award for keeping six clean sheets in 27 games (so far).

He opted to bring his parents with him to the awards show and posted a rather hilarious picture of the three together on Instagram.

Rather than pose in a normal room, the trio decided to do so with a pitch-red lighting that Vicario himself mocked in the comments, writing ‘should have asked to turn off that red light’.

While the three seem to be loving life in London since his move to Spurs, their lives haven’t always been so extravagant.

Do Guglielmo Vicario’s Parents Have Any History In Football?

Vicario was born in the city of Udine, Italy and had a rather humble upbringing where he had to really work hard to make it as a footballer.

His initial development were at amateur clubs like Donatello Calcio Udine, ASD Bearzi Calcio, ASD Cormor Calcio Amatori before he got to join Serie A side Udinese’s youth academy in 2013.

While Vicario’s parents weren’t pro footballers themselves, Guglielmo’s father actually worked in the medical field and had the necessary qualifications to act as a doctor in the sport.

Michele Vicario worked as a personal medical doctor for former Fiorentina forward Gianfranco Casarsa – who scored 25 goals in the Serie A.

Michele was responsible for helping keep the Italian forward fit and ready for matches, and also taking care of his diet and working on any injuries he suffered.

As a result, Michele at least built up some sources in the Italian football scene and helped his son slowly move up the ladder after becoming a professional too.

Monica on the other hand is a teacher at ISIS Bonaldo Stringher School Institute in Udinese.

To their credit, Michele and Monica both implemented the right values in Guglielmo and did not allow him to grow arrogant once he started gaining popularity among Italian football fans.

Vicario incredible values were showcased in 2022 when he welcomed a Ukrainian refugee and her son into his home in Italy after they had to flee their country after the Russian armed invasion of Ukraine.

Michele Vicario is now retired from his duties as a medical doctor and focused on helping his son stay focused and becoming the best goalkeeper in the world.

Michele and Monica’s humble upbringing of Guglielmo also ended up impressing Ange Postecoglou as revealed by Michele himself –

A week ago, he [Guglielmo] had a video call with his new coach, Ange Postecoglou. They spoke in English and the coach told him that he had chosen him because Guglielmo worked his way up just like him. The coach was then impressed to see that the boy already knows English.

Guglielmo Vicario’s parents are winning over Tottenham fans

After his move to Tottenham last summer, Vicario’s parents decided to move with him to the British capital as well. Guglielmo is unmarried and has recently been linked to be dating Italian model Antonella Fiordelisi – but the two haven’t actually been seen around that much in public.

Michele confirmed that he and his wife both retired from their duties to move to London with their son after his move to the Premier League, telling Messaggero Veneto: “We would not have preferred to see him continue playing in Italy.

“My wife has always had a dream to go and study in England, then she had to make other choices. Seeing her son realise a dream that belonged to her is an unimaginable feeling of satisfaction. My wife, like me, will retire. Let’s just say we’ll have more free time at our disposal.”

Guglielmo Vicario’s mom Monica seen hanging out with Tottenham fans

Vicario’s parents seem to be regular attendees of his matches for Tottenham and can often be seen just hanging around in public too.

They seem to be quite avid of having a pint at the No. 8 Pub and Monica Vicario recently even snapped pictures with a few enthusiastic supporters whom she met at the pub.

Not just that, but the Italian keeper’s parents have even been seen travelling to matches by using the public transport system even though Guglielmo now earns a rumoured yearly wages of £3.9 million and can easily afford to buy them a car or two.

The 27-year-old’s parents have not been changed by the wonders of Guglielmo’s glittering move to the Premier League and seem to be continuing their humble ways to continue setting the right examples to their son.