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Two Ways to Get 2024 Celtic X Irish Origins Kit For Cheap

Two Ways to Get 2024 Celtic X Irish Origins Kit For Cheap

Celtic has paid the ultimate tribute to their Irish roots by partnering with Adidas for the launch of their new beautiful origins collection. The new range not only includes a brand-new kit, but also polo t-shirts, jackets and pants.

This new range of items follows last year’s release of their 135th-anniversary Origins Kits – which was a major hit.

In a statement on the release of the new range of Origins wear, the club stated: “As a club famous for its proud Irish origins, Celtic FC are delighted to reveal our new 2023/24 adidas Irish Origins collection. An Irish identity is strongly woven into the fabric of Celtic Football Club since Brother Walfrid – himself an Irishman – founded the club back in 1887.

“Thousands upon thousands have sailed the Irish Sea to support the Bhoys over the years. Their passion and that of the proud Irish players who have pulled on the Hoops for Celtic, alongside the managers and coaches who have been written into the club’s illustrious history, ensure that our Celtic connections are celebrated worldwide – then, now and always.”

Price of New Celtic x Irish Origins Kit

The Celtic Irish Origins attires created by Adidas are much different from their jerseys from the 2023/24 season. The kit is a dark green shirt with white line patterns. The polo t-shirt is a darker green colour with red stripes over the shoulder area. The jacket is a similar design, while the pants are of a plain green colour design too.

What makes these gears really stand out is the replacement of the Celtic club crest for an Irish four-leaf clover. This leafs in this clover stand for faith, hope, love and luck.  Because of how simplistic and beautiful this customized kits and the different apparels look, a lot of Celtic fans have grown desperate to get their hands on these.

It is available in Adidas stores around Ireland and more accessible in Celtic’s own official online store. The price range for the items in this collection is more or less of similar range as their 23/24 kits. The Celtic Origins jersey costs around £55 (for Men and Women), the training top costs the same and the training pants around £48. The polo t-shirt is the cheapest for adults at £45, while kids’ range is around £40.

Now, despite this being a special customized line of attires, the price has been kept relatively the same as the other gear. However, the prices can be slightly expensive for some of the working-class fans. Fortunately, there is a way to get these items for cheaper using other ways.

How to get new Celtic x Irish range for cheap

The Celtic or Adidas online stores are luckily not the only ones that are selling the new Celtic x Origins collections for the fans. That is because the good people at JD Sports have also managed to get the license to sell items of this new line of clothing.

These third-party retailers are also selling the items for cheaper than what the official stores are doing. For example, the Celtic Origins Jersey for Men and Women costs around £50, which is like 10% cheaper than what the official store is selling them for.

Not just that, but the training top costs around £46 (£9) cheaper and the origins track pants is £5 cheaper on JD Sports too. There are JD Sports’ official retail stores around the UK too, where these should be available.

There are other options to get this merchandise for a cheaper rate too. The key is patience.

One Celtic fan on Twitter noted how last season’s kits are selling for £20 at the Adidas outlet in East Kilbride (Glasgow). So if the fans just hold off on buying the merch for now and wait a few months, it’s possible that they can be bought at a highly discounted rate too.

As this is a customized kit, it’s not yet guaranteed if Celtic will wear this in any of their remaining matches this season. However, fans can definitely get their desired outfit for discounted prices and wear them with pride.