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Everything We Know About Danny Dyer’s Upcoming Football Hooligan Movie Marching Powder: Cast, Plot and Latest Updates

Everything We Know About Danny Dyer’s Upcoming Football Hooligan Movie Marching Powder: Cast, Plot and Latest Updates

If you’re a football enthusiast and a movie fanatic, chances are you’re familiar with the British cult classic ‘The Football Factory,’ released in 2004.

And if you enjoyed that gritty portrayal of football hooliganism, you’re in for another treat as West Ham fan Danny Dyer returns to the world of rowdy football culture with a new film titled ‘Marching Powder,’ a follow-up film to the cult classic ‘The Football Factory’.

Alongside Danny Dyer’s return, Nick Love will also be back in the director’s chair for this film. After their fruitful collaborations on movies such as “Goodbye Charlie Bright”, “The Football Factory”, “The Business”, and “Outlaw,” the dynamic duo is joining forces once more since 2007.

The movie will be produced by Chris Clark and Will Clarke, executive-produced by Andy Mayson and Zygi Kamasa, and shot entirely in the UK.

The project was unveiled last year in December, following persistent rumors that had circulated for quite some time, particularly after Danny became a free agent following his departure from the British television soap opera EastEnders. The hints became almost clear when it was reported that the duo had met in August last year to discuss a new script ahead.

Chris Clark, from producers Altitude, later admitted that these speculations were indeed true. “Nick and I have been discussing making a film together for years, so it’s a great feeling to get this outrageous, one-of-a-kind Love/Dyer collaboration up and running. The Altitude team couldn’t be more excited.”

Having said that, the actor himself also took to posting a video on Instagram captioned “Let the madness begin” to announce his new project. He told fans: “The secret’s out. I’m going back to work with The Football Factory director Nick Love and I cannot wait.”

“We’re gonna be bang on the marching powder, that’s the name of the film by the way. And it starts on January 15th, and there’s gonna be more crime, drugs and serious ultra-violence.”

He concluded the exciting news: ”And you’re gonna love it, so merry Christmas.” 


Tagged as a drug-based ‘thrilling dark comedy,’ the film will delve into the underground football culture saturated with drugs, crime, and violent fistfights. Dyer’s character, Jack, is portrayed as a football hooligan whose life revolves around violence, drugs, and thrills. In fact, the title ‘Marching Powder’ serves as a euphemism for the cocaine embraced by the characters within the story.

While inspired by “The Football Factory”, this film cannot be classified as a direct sequel to it. “Marching Powder” presents its own unique premise, following the journey of Jack, a middle-aged football hooligan entrenched in drug use.

When Jack is arrested and given a six-week ultimatum to reform or face imprisonment, he finds himself grappling with the challenges of repairing his marriage, dealing with his intimidating father-in-law, and managing his rebellious stepbrother, Kenny Boy. As Jack endeavors to set his life on a better course, he gradually finds himself losing control of his world. It will surely be intriguing to see how the story unfolds.

The actor, 46, looks all excited to be making this film. Speaking about the film Danny Dyer said; “I’m buzzing to be getting back on the horse with Nick, he’s the only idiot stupid enough. Marching Powder is class, we’re back in the world of The Football Factory with more violence, more drugs and lots of comedy, you’re going to love it.”

Nick Love also humorously remarked, “At this point in my career, it’s either Marching Powder or the dole so thank God Danny Dyer said yes to playing the lead. It’s gonna be a blast and we can’t wait to share the film with the world, if they can handle it.”

Latest Updates

Dyer is already up and running with his new project, as evidenced by recent photos surfacing on the internet.

In an interesting sneak peek behind the scenes, Dyer was captured engaging in a heated altercation and coming out on top against an aggressor. However, in another sequel scene, he was seen being subdued by the police, with an officer pinning him down.

Clad in a modest black coat, denim jeans, and white trainers, he was also captured enacting a significant scuffle scene in the streets of Dagenham, London on Tuesday.

In another set of photos, the actor was snapped in a bloodied and bruised visage. With a bloody eye and a split lip, his character appeared visibly distressed as he sat outside a cafe, holding a bunch of daffodils torn from the ground.

His knuckles and forehead were smeared with blood, and an angry gash marred the bridge of his nose as he enacted a particularly animated moment before settling onto a wooden planter to take a seat.

Apart from Dyer, Frank Harper, known for his role as Billy Bright in “Football Factory,” is also expected to be among the cast of this new movie.

The financing for the movie comes from True Brit Entertainment and Rockstar Media, a division of Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar Games, which also supported “The Football Factory.” Altitude will be in charge of producing and managing global sales. The highly anticipated movie will mark the debut project for the new distributor True Brit Entertainment, with Zygi Kamasa, the CEO of the production company, describing the movie as “edgy, controversial, and ultimately very, very funny.”

“Marching Powder” is slated for a theatrical release in late 2024, celebrating the 20th anniversary of “The Football Factory.” Now, it remains to be seen whether this film lives up to the hype and anticipation, and if it stays true to the legacy of its predecessors.