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The Reason Why Danny Dyer is Actually Proud of Racy Chant About Jarrod Bowen and Dani Dyer

The Reason Why Danny Dyer is Actually Proud of Racy Chant About Jarrod Bowen and Dani Dyer

West Ham United fans are partying like there is no tomorrow ever since their impressive UEFA Europa Conference League win on Wednesday. It marked the Hammers’ first major European trophy in over 50 years and their first silverware of the 21st century.

This will also allow West Ham to play in the UEFA Europa League next season and marked a brilliant end to what was a really topsy-turvy season, in which they ended up barely avoiding relegation from the Premier League. The Irons held an impressive open-bus parade after the title win, which saw a huge turnout in London – with fans just having a blast with the players.

One player to have gained a huge spark in popularity among the West Ham fanbase after the final is Jarrod Bowen, who scored the winning goal against Fiorentina in the final. The Englishman was able to get past his man and maintain impressive composure to score a late winner which sealed the title for his side.

After the game, West Ham fans in the Fortuna Arena started bellowing out brilliant chants for the players and the one which attracted the most popularity was that for Jarrod Bowen. Some of the supporters started to sing the chant ‘Bowen’s on fire and he’s shagging Dani Dyer’. This got so intoxicating that the players on the pitch also started to dance to it on the pitch.

This is clearly a very X-rated chant and one that definitely isn’t PG at all. For those unknowing, Dani Dyer is Bowen’s partner and the two have been together for many years now. They also share three children together, with Dyer giving birth to twin daughters a few weeks ago as well.

Dani Dyer is actually a pretty popular figure in the UK, being a TV personality and actress. She acted in British films like Vendetta, Age of Kill and We Still Kill The Old Way. Dyer gained most of her fame after winning the fourth edition of the popular British show ‘Love Island’ in 2018 and has appeared in EastEnders in the past too.

The West Ham players appear to be loving this chant as well, as many were seen chanting it loudly all through their celebrations after the title win. Dani Dyer is the daughter of popular UK actor Danny Dyer, who is a major character in ‘EastEnders’ and has been acting in films as well as television shows in the UK since the early 1990s.

Danny Dyer has also hosted reality shows and even voiced video game characters, particularly the character of ‘Kent Paul’ from the popular video games GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. Dyer is also a huge West Ham United fan and was absolutely delighted to see them lift the European title after a lengthy drought.

Even though the fans and even West Ham players are going on singing an NSFW chant about his eldest daughter, Danny really doesn’t appear to be that affected by it. In fact, he seems hilariously infatuated with his son-in-law and has shocked fans with some stunning comments since the Europa Conference League final.

After the game, Dyer told Talksport he ‘loves Jarrod Bowen more than anyone, more than my own wife! I’m a bit jealous of my daughter…’. This is probably a prime example of just how big of a fanatic Danny Dyer is regarding West Ham and how his love for the Irons might even exceed that for some of his own family members!

When it comes to specifically the X-rated chant, the British actor had an even more astounding response and does not seem to be affected by it at all. He told DR Sports that the chant is a bit ‘romantic’ for him and added: “Think about it alright – it’s a compliment. They’re saying that Bowen is on fire, right? Which is unreal! And he’s also shagging Dani Dyer! To think of it, it’s like it can’t get any better! There’s a compliment in there!”

Bowen is probably a lucky man to not only have a beautiful wife but also a really sporting father-in-law who is actually encouraging this chant! The Englishman is on cloud heaven among the Hammers’ fanbase for his heroics in the Europa Conference League final and deserves all the praise for helping take his side from the lowest of lows to an unbeatable high at the end of the season.


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