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How Much Did Ronaldo Nazario Make From Paddy Power Ad?

How Much Did Ronaldo Nazario Make From Paddy Power Ad?

Imagine showing up as a fan in the morning to watch a game of your favorite Sunday League team, only to be pleasantly surprised by a visit from one of the greatest strikers in football history.

This is precisely what happened over the weekend, as fans of an NWL Division 8 club were graced by the presence of the former World Cup champion, Ronaldo Luís Nazario de Lima. The retired star not only arrived at the Henderson Sports and Social Club in a white limousine but also left the fans and players in awe when he stepped onto the field.

Sporting a green and white jersey, the forward tied up his boots and took to the muddy pitches of Harold Hill Football Club in Essex, ready to represent Phoenix FC, a team occupying the bottom spot in NWL Division 8.

Ronaldo’s antics in Essex were all part of a scripted social media video released across Paddy Power’s social media accounts. Paddy Power is an Irish gambling company founded in 1988 that includes sports betting, online casino, online poker, and online bingo.

And not just for the players on the field, Ronaldo’s participation in a Sunday league match on a cold, windy morning took a number of football enthusiasts on social media by surprise.

However, the burning question on many people’s minds is: How much did Ronaldo Nazário make from the Paddy Power ad?

The exact amount Ronaldo received for the Paddy Power ad remains undisclosed. However, considering his stature and the typical fees commanded by celebrities of his caliber, it’s safe to assume it’s quite a significant deal. According to the director of one London PR agency, a sportsperson like the Brazilian could charge around £25k to £100k a day.