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Crystal Palace Fans Create New Jordan Ayew Chant Sung To R&B Ballad Teardrops

Crystal Palace Fans Create New Jordan Ayew Chant Sung To R&B Ballad Teardrops

Jordan Ayew has enchanted Crystal Palace fans with his performances on the pitch, and their love for him with a new chant for their talisman is making rounds on the internet.

The Ghanaian international has scored 18 goals for his team since he arrived and achieved Z several accolades for himself by being the top goalscorer of the season for his team, Crystal Palace’s player of the season, Players’ Player of the Season, and even winning the Goal of the Season award for Palace.

Ayew’s journey with the Eagles has been truly remarkable. The arrival of new boss Roy Hodgson has helped him improve his game further as he starts his fifth season at the club. And even at the age of 32, the manager relies on him blindly to produce attacking output.

The Chant

Inspired by the timeless pop song, “Teardrops” by Womack & Womack, a video of two men singing and vibing to this new chant was recorded while they were on a bus.

They have tried to encapsulate Ayew and all his fond memories as a tribute to him in a new chant that goes like this:

Cruyff turns against West Ham, reminds me of Jordan Ayew, Last minute at the Amex when big Ben put him through, Hodgson’s made him a baller, now he’s running rings around you. Jordan Ayew, oh Jordan Ayew. And the football don’t feel like it do, without Jordan Ayew.”

This song compares his playstyle to the famous Johan Cruyff as Ayew is well known for his sharp skills and flair to beat the opposition defenders. It also captures moments of nostalgia that Palace supporters fondly remember of the player.

From Boxing Day last-minute winner against West Ham to a victory against Brighton & Hove Albion in 2020 which massively boosted Palace’s survival hopes in the league, Ayew played a crucial role in the front line of the team.

Scoring more than 90% of his goals in the second half and stealing points from the opposition for his team, he has already solidified his status as a fan favourite.

Providing three assists in the past month and holding the title of Crystal Palace’s Player of the Month, he still remains a valuable asset to the team’s success.

This new song also is much better than the rather simplistic ones that the fans have used up until now, one of which goes like this: “De De De De Jordan Aye.” Its repetitive and catchy nature has made it a popular chant amongst supporters.

Crystal Palace fans remain excited to belt out this new chant in full force at Selhurst Park. The first chance the home crowd would get to show their support for their beloved Ayew will be in 10 days when they face Fulham on their turf.