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Emi Martinez Is Officially The Victim Of Cristian Romero’s Tough Love

Emi Martinez Is Officially The Victim Of Cristian Romero’s Tough Love

The second knockout tie of the 2022 World Cup saw Argentina take on Australia, in a match many expected the Albicelestes to cruise through.

And so they did, for a majority of the game at least.

Led by Leo Messi, Argentina quickly established their dominance in the first half, and eventually grabbed the opener through their skipper.

In the second 45, Julian Alvarez provided a second goal after pouncing upon an error by the Aussie Goalkeeper.

And just as it seemed like the Argentines were out of sight, the Socceroos managed to get one back, courtesy of an own goal by Enzo Fernandez.

With the clock ticking down and the Aussie offence ramping up, the air around the venue carried plenty of tension.

Emotions eventually shot up to the roof, as a last-minute dash by the Australians almost led to the equalizer.

The ball fell to Garang Kuol in close proximity to the goal, who turned and lashed at it.

What followed was a collective sigh of relief from the Argentine defence, as Emi Martinez produced a game-winning save and preserved the lead.

Battered and delighted, the Argentine backline fell to the floor before embracing their keeper for the save.

The Aston Villa man went on to receive further praise from Cuti Romero, who opted for his usual tough-love antics which Spurs fans are well-accustomed to.

The centre-back is known to be a good teammate off the pitch, but he remains all-action on it, something which even extends to his celebrations.

In the past, Romero has expressed his approval by yanking Son Heung-Min’s hair and even giving Eric Dier a good ol’ whack on the head.

Simply put, if Romero gets a little rowdy, you’re doing something right.

And with his match-winning save, Martinez certainly had his defender’s approval, as Romero lightly kicked the keeper with his foot before walking as if nothing happened.

The moment is actually pretty hilarious, with Martinez just looking straight ahead, ball clutched firmly, all while his mate walks up, offers a commanding kick and dips without a word.

Cuti Romero’s ‘love language’ is clearly something else, and long may it stay that way.