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Graham Potter Opens Up On Noteworthy ‘Glow Up’ And Haircut

Graham Potter Opens Up On Noteworthy ‘Glow Up’ And Haircut

As fans assumed their seats inside Stamford Bridge before kickoff against RB Salzburg, a sense of excitement, dread, caution, and most notably, anticipation loomed large over the venue.

The European Night was brand new Gaffer Graham Potter‘s first game in charge of Chelsea, and also, his first taste of Champions League Football.

Will his tactics translate to Europe? 
Will he be able to cope with the pressure?
Does he have the necessary experience?
The questions were countless.

But as the 47-year-old emerged from within the dugout, a sense of ease diffused into the tension-heavy air.

Gone was the scruffy-looking underdog with an unkempt haircut, as Potter had entered the scene sporting a sharp suit alongside a cold fade.

Aside from being quite the departure from his usual sartorial choices, his look and cadence on the night radiated a certain aura, informing those in doubt that Graham Potter is prepared for the ‘Big Time’.

Since then, the former Brighton gaffer has turned up to the touchline in numerous dapper outfits, like his attire against AC Milan which featured a Bond villain-esque turtleneck.

Naturally, fans have taken note of the proverbial ‘glow up’, and Potter’s fresh fashion choices have already left quite the impression.

The topic has garnered plenty of attention, so much so that Potter himself has come across it.

This came to light during his most recent pre-match presser, as he said, “Somebody said to me the other day that I have had a ‘glow up’,” “I have no idea what that is. I am growing into my face like fine wine.”

He then went on to share some details on the man behind the brand new hairdo, “I have had a haircut from somebody that cuts the lads’ hairs so probably that has made a difference, I don’t know. It cost a lot more than I thought it was going to.”

After a round of extensive Googling, fans unearthed the identity of the mystery barber. Cristian Gomez, who goes by CristianBarberUK on Instagram, looks to be the man behind Potter’s fade.

Quite the celebrity barber, his customers include Luis Suarez, Darwin Nunez and Rodrigo Bentancur among others. Gomez was likely recommended to Potter by senior Chelsea players, as he also cuts the hair of Thiago Silva, Cesar Azpilicueta and Jorginho.

The Gaffer must be pretty chuffed with his brand-new trim, and Gomez probably earned another regular customer.