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Graham Potter Impresses Fashion Police With All-Black Turtleneck Look

Graham Potter Impresses Fashion Police With All-Black Turtleneck Look

Graham Potter’s rise to the top is nothing short of exemplary, from the Seagulls to Stamford Bridge, the details are fairytale-esque.

Of course, failing to make a mark at Chelsea would leave a blemish on the story, but the Englishman seems more than up for it.

While the name may not be as alluring as his Italian or Spanish counterparts, the footy certainly is.

And now, Potter seems to have upped the drip levels as well.

During his time at Brighton, he usually paraded the touchline sporting a club-themed tracksuit, paired with a scruffy trim to really sell the underdog vibes.

The fashion would rarely switch, except for particularly chilly evenings wherein he’d whip out puffer jackets and sport coats.

Needless to say, the vibes were never going to suit Stamford Bridge, which has seen its fair share of glamourous gaffers, the likes of Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, and Carlo Ancelotti instantly spring to mind.

Aware of this, Potter has upped his game, something which became apparent from day one, when he strolled into the Bridge for his Champions League debut rocking a skin fade.

And during the Blues’ most recent fixture against AC Milan, the fit hit new levels.

Potter popped out from within the dressing room sporting an all-black attire, featuring a smart black blazer, black trousers and a black turtleneck largely associated with the fella who founded Apple.

Even the watch was all-black, and it all came together seamlessly.

The haircut looked especially sharp and seeing his hair finally parted towards the left really makes you wonder whether Potter had heard of a comb during his time at the Amex.

As for the verdict – not too shabby, and fans online felt the same way.

We aren’t declaring ‘fashion icon’ yet, although there’s certainly potential.

For all his efforts, in the end, the drip was overshadowed by Stefano Pioli’s custom Off-White outfit, with the brand’s signature typography right at the center.

Nevertheless, Potter’s efforts left quite the impression, and we hope he has other dapper looks in store.