Manchester City Divide Opinions With Techno Rave At Etihad Pre UCL Clash

Manchester City are having an incredible start to the new season. They’ve won 9 out of their first 11 games in all competitions.

In that period, they also scored 40 goals. New signing Erling Haaland is breaking records left, right and centre – having scored 19 goals – almost 50% of their entire tally.

While they might seem this unstoppable machine on the pitch, off the pitch – they’re still trying to build a brand that befits a proper ‘elite club’.

The reality for the Citizens is that their fanbase is nowhere close to the likes of Real Madrid, Liverpool, Barcelona or even arch-rivals Manchester United.

Despite their overwhelming success over the last decade, they still lack a proper fan base that is needed for any club to call themselves a ‘giant’.

In modern football, it’s not just enough to entertain fans with the 90 minutes (or sometimes more) of action that takes place.

The hospitality factor is a big thing, and fans need to be kept entertained throughout the entirety of their stay.

To keep things lively, the teams hire DJs that play popular songs or club chants when the actual football isn’t happening in the stadium.

Man City also does that, but they tried something wholly different in their recent Champions League match against FC Copenhagen on Tuesday.

Instead of playing The Beatles ‘Hey Jude’ – a popular song around the area – or some other local favourites – the Citizens decided to give a ‘rave party’ experience to the 50,000+ fans in attendance.

Well before kick-off as the fans were gearing up for the match, the Etihad Stadium suddenly turned into a big disco.

A wild light show took place, with a variety of different colours, and lights being lit up in the stadium to thrill the fans.

They also decided to accompany it with extremely loud techno dance music that made it feel like a real disco experience for the fans.

It was something that BT Sport (the broadcasters) didn’t show and for good reason because it made no sense whatever.

This experiment ended up blowing up on the faces of the organizers, as nobody seemed to be impressed or even interested in it.

Fans were left annoyed and surprised by what was happened before a Champions League clash.

This techno rave show went on for a few minutes before the Citizens were forced to pull the plug on it after seeing the lack of interest anybody in the stadium had for it.

On social media, this charade divided opinions.

However, some fans also ended up like this, as they reacted.