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The Kidnapping Prank That Shook IShowSpeed to His Core in Brazil

The Kidnapping Prank That Shook IShowSpeed to His Core in Brazil

Darren J. Watkins – not many are familiar with this name, but if you say IShowSpeed, an 18-year-old young and energetic lad pops into your head. The American youtuber with over 22 million subscribers makes news as he moves.

From being a live streamer on YouTube to being a crazy football fan and an ardent devotee of Cristiano Ronaldo, Speed has made every aspect of his life, the talk of the town.

He often impulsively travels to various countries, drawing massive crowds in real life as well as in his live streams.

Currently, the rapper is making rounds in the Latin country of Brazil, putting up an eccentric live show for his fans over the internet. The story turned really dark for him in his latest live stream though.

While roaming through the favela wearing a Brazilian jersey, he was targeted by a gang of local criminals and was being kidnapped. The perpetrators were wearing masks and carrying weapons in the form of sticks and baseball bats.

The youngster was seen being pushed to the wall and asked to sit down. Speed was scared out of his wits and started panicking about the situation. Not understanding the language, initially, he thought it was a robbery and was willing to give up his possessions.

When the situation didn’t resolve, the streamer started crying, thinking this was it for him.

Soon, the greatest twist to the story came in. All the gangsters and Speed’s entourage started laughing and hugging the streamer. Speed was as confused as ever about what was happening.

Turns out, it was an elaborate prank by a fellow YouTuber Arab, who had enrolled the help of a local gang to scare IShowSpeed on his visit to the neighborhood.

Arab, a YouTube streamer known for his escapades in all the dangerous territories, wanted to give a taste of his type of content to his fellow entertainer.

After realizing what was happening, with mixed emotions, all Speed could muster was, “Oh My God, I thought I’d die.”

Finding out about the prank, he swore to never forgive Arab for doing this. What the youngster doesn’t know yet is that, according to Arab, he got off easy.

Talking to Dexerto, Arab said that he wanted to do this with real weapons, but YouTube’s terms wouldn’t allow for that. If this was on a platform like Kick, he would have loved to go all out. He said he knew this would go viral, and that is what Speed likes.

Speed, however, was furious with Arab and while catching his breath was telling the travel blogger that he is not going to ever collaborate with him again. The prank might have gone a bit far according to him.

Speed’s followers had mixed reactions to this, as some thought this was ‘pure evil’ while others were making fun of the kid crying.

Speed loves to get viral and is known to create situations that attract views and attention, but pretty sure this is not something he had ever thought of.

Thankfully, the youtuber is safe and sound and was able to continue on with his journey.