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Former PL Footballer Shows Utter Disdain for YouTuber Ishowspeed

Former PL Footballer Shows Utter Disdain for YouTuber Ishowspeed

Former Premier League footballer Charlie Austin has taken to Twitter to express his strong disapproval of YouTuber IShowSpeed attending the prestigious Ballon d’Or ceremony.

In a tweet that has caught the attention of the sports world, Austin openly questioned why IShowSpeed was invited to such an esteemed event and expressed his deep dislike for the online personality.

Charlie Austin, who currently plays as a striker for League Two club Swindon Town, is no stranger to the world of professional football. With a career that has seen him don the jerseys of QPR, Southampton, and West Brom in the Premier League, Austin is a well-known figure in English football.

His comments on IShowSpeed attending the Ballon d’Or ceremony have added a fresh layer of intrigue to the ongoing debate surrounding the inclusion of online personalities in such high-profile events.

Why would he be invited to this? I really dislike him and everything he is about! Oh and before anyone says don’t follow him I don’t!!

Charlie Austin’s Twitter rant on IShowSpeed

On the other side of this social media feud is IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins Jr. The American YouTuber has made a name for himself with his engaging livestreams, where he plays a variety of popular video games, including FIFA, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox.

His online presence has attracted a massive following, with over 25 million subscribers across three channels, and a staggering 20.6 million subscribers on YouTube alone. With a 4.11% engagement rate, he commands a dedicated audience that eagerly follows his content.

In a surprising turn of events, IShowSpeed’s livestream from the Ballon d’Or 2023 awards ceremony became the most popular English-language broadcast among streamers that year, peaking at an impressive 548,000 viewers.

This achievement speaks to the significant impact that online creators like IShowSpeed have on today’s entertainment landscape and the blurred lines between traditional and digital media.

Charlie Austin’s tweet questioning IShowSpeed’s presence at the Ballon d’Or is just one example of the ongoing debate about the inclusion of internet personalities in high-profile events.

While some see it as an exciting evolution in the way events are experienced and reported, others, like Austin, question the merits of inviting individuals who gained fame primarily through unconventional means.

Austin’s tweet encapsulated the sentiments of those who believe that the Ballon d’Or ceremony should maintain its exclusivity and prestige, with invitations reserved for athletes and figures deeply involved in the world of football.

They argue that IShowSpeed’s rise to fame, which includes quirky online antics like barking, is not in line with the traditional values and seriousness of the sport. Detractors view him as an attention seeker rather than a genuine contributor to the football community.