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Liverpool fans will love how these pro footballers have reacted to rumors of Bayern Munich targeting Roberto Firmino

Liverpool fans will love how these pro footballers have reacted to rumors of Bayern Munich targeting Roberto Firmino

Liverpool seems to be the name on everyone’s lips lately, with the club going on an incredible twenty five matches unbeaten in the Premier League this season.

One of the main reasons for this, apart from possessing a defence that just refuses to budge, is a lethal, almost otherworldly front trio comprised of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino.

Of the three, Salah might possess the most flair, and Mane might have vision fit for gods, but it is Bobby Firmino who impresses the footballing world most, with his technical brilliance and tireless consistency day in and day out.

And the results speak for themselves; he’s scored eight goals and provided seven assists in the league already this season, with an immeasurable presence on the pitch to boot.

It is no secret, therefore, that all the top clubs would part with an arm and a limb to acquire the services of any of these three, Firmino in particular.

And what do you know: news has come trickling in from the BBC that none other than Bayern Munich are preparing a £75 million bid for the Brazilian centre forward.

While acquiring Firmino is just one step of the Bavarians’ grand plans, which include having Leroy Sane up front, it might turn out that they will get neither of the two.

Firmino, especially, has expressed his love for the Merseyside club over and over again, and the fans believe that there is no chance of a transfer happening.

Now, even professional footballers have chimed in with their opinion, concurring completely with what the fans have to say. Charlie Austin, in particular, is one to have tweeted about the issue. The West Bromwich Albion player believes that there is no chance of that bid ever being allowed.

Echoing his sentiments was former Liverpool man and current Reading midfielder Charlie Adam. Austin’s namesake was of the opinion that Bayern would need to breach the 100 million pounds mark to even have a credible bid. Charile Austin replied to this, agreeing wholeheartedly and contending that he rated Firmino even more highly than Salah and Mane.

There could be nothing but praise for Bobby Firmino!

Underrated for large swathes of his career, the Liverpool forward finally seems to be finding the respect – and price tag – that he has more than earned now. His supporters could not be more delighted.