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The slick ball control from Alexis Saelemaekers that has got football fans dumbfounded

The slick ball control from Alexis Saelemaekers that has got football fans dumbfounded

A.C. Milan pulled off a stunning heist at the Spanish capital on the back of a towering clutch header from Messias Junior.

There were raw emotions at the Wanda Metropolitano at full-time as the fractious match ended at 1-0 in the favor of the Rossoneri, who claimed much-needed points to stay in the race for the knockout stages of the competition.

At half-time, Milan’s Alexis Saelemaekers was involved in some showboating that could either be labelled neat or confounding.

As the referee’s whistle brought the game to a pause, the Belgian, who was in possession of the ball at the time, pulled out a series of manoeuvres from his bag of tricks.

The move started with a right-footed flick of the ball onto his calf, followed by a 180-degree turn and a subsequent kick with his left foot, ultimately resulting in the ball smacking into Stefano Pioli, who happened to be passing by.

While the skills on display were appreciable, fans kept replaying the 3-second footage over and over to make sense of the move which was of no use in the game whatsoever.

Seems like the midfielder was merely looking to show off some street football skills with quick feet and slick ball-control, which certainly did not go unnoticed amongst fans.

Things are going down to the wire in group B, as all three of Porto, Atletico and AC Milan will have to battle it out for the second spot after Liverpool.

Rossoneri supporters would be hoping for their side to draw inspiration from their latest win and carry the same momentum to the upcoming round of fixtures as well.

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