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Latest FIFA 23 Glitch Causes Bald And Eyebrowless Players

Latest FIFA 23 Glitch Causes Bald And Eyebrowless Players

As players continue to sink their teeth into the recently released FIFA 23, they continue to uncover the various kinks in EA Sports’ latest product.

Aside from some truly shocking ratings, the game has also messed up the likenesses of many notable figures, including various members of the Arsenal squad.

Add in EA’s annual serving of ridiculous glitches, and you have a hilarious dish.

The game is essentially strings of code paired with animations and things are bound to fail sometimes. And when they do, you can’t help but chuckle…or rage quit if you’re on the receiving end.

Nevertheless, the latest bizarre bug isn’t exactly as rage-inducing as twisting players or ghost goalkeepers.

Instead, it is simply strange, fixable but weird nonetheless.

It all has to do with player models, there are no animation errors or impact registration issues at play here, as this bug targets only the faces.

Encountered by many users over the weekend, the bug renders various players’ models bald, removing their hairstyles entirely and leaving shiny heads.

Examples can be viewed here on AC Milan’s Rafael Leao and Manchester United’s Antony.

Both players had substandard facial scans, to begin with, and now with the added balding, it is simply unacceptable.

To add to the hilarity, the models don’t have eyebrows either, leaving an entirely shaven face.

As a result, Leao looks eerily similar to your standard NPC, or something put together on Unity in 2 minutes.

On the other hand, the bug provides enough evidence for Antony to never consider going bald.

Fortunately, the issues will be addressed pretty soon as these faces were merely placeholders and will be replaced by more realistic scans in an upcoming title update.

In fact, the update will upgrade the characters of many players including Lisandro Martinez and Davide Calabria.

Honestly, we hope the glitch pops out from time to time, simply for the memes.