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Chelsea Third Kit Leak On FIFA 23 Causes Surprise

Chelsea Third Kit Leak On FIFA 23 Causes Surprise

EA Sports’ last edition of the popular video game title FIFA is poised to release this Friday and players are excited to see what this version of the game offers and how different it is from FIFA 22.

Not everyone has had to wait though, with some getting early access to the game.

The video game maker does this to generate positive reviews as well as get feedback pre-release so it can start working on any errors gamers face as early as possible.

Early reviews have been good for the game but that was expected. But not everything that players see has been in-line with expectations.

Take, for example, these Arsenal squad faces. Horrendous, to say the least.

Another surprise, albeit not as unpleasant as this, is for Arsenal’s London rivals, Chelsea.

Chelsea home and away kits for 22/23 season

Players wanting to play with Chelsea were expected to choose one of the two official jerseys released this year – their blue home kit and white away kit.

The surprise came when another kit was available for selection – a gold alternate strip.

It is highly unusual, to say the least, for the game to release a kit before the club’s official announcement.

This kit is in line with what leaked earlier this year. It is ‘sesame’ in colour with orange and black accents.

While not officially out yet, FIFA has decided to include the kit in the upcoming release, hinting that a club announcement may be coming soon.

It would be interesting to see if this is indeed the alternate jersey that Chelsea plays in.

If not, FIFA may have a very embarrassing situation at hand and one that may leave a bad taste in the mouth for a title that has given all of us so much in the past years.