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Chelsea fans wonder if the Drake curse will ruin their season after Reece James is pictured with superstar rapper

Chelsea fans wonder if the Drake curse will ruin their season after Reece James is pictured with superstar rapper

Reece James has recently been spotted with superstar rapper Drake ahead of Chelsea’s return to the Champions League on Tuesday. 

The Blues right-back posted a picture of himself alongside Aubrey Graham, more commonly known as Drake on his Instagram and it has since got a lot of Chelsea fans talking about it.

While on face value, it may seem as simple as an innocent meeting between a rapper and a footballer – it is being considered to have more importance than that for some fans who are aware of the ‘Drake curse’ that has bogged down a team or two in the past.

Sportspersons and followers of different sports are some of the most superstitious people in the world, and it does not take more than a few occurrences to be termed as a pattern. 

Similarly, the superstar rapper Drake might be one of the best-selling artists on the planet right now – but his presence around sportspeople is usually looked down upon as he is associated with bringing about bad luck.

Numerous sportspersons and sports teams have been affected by what is known as the ‘Drake curse‘, which is what has been worrying many fans of the European champions.

The curse goes as far back as 2012 when college basketball outfit Kentucky Wildcats fell off a sporting cliff after they got Drake as a fan. The outfit who have historically always done well suffered a major dip in form, and have failed to win a national championship since.

Drake’s ill omen has even ventured to MMA, as he infamously posed with Conor McGregor while holding an Irish flag before McGregor’s ill-fated loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Footballers have also not been spared of the curse, as Sergio Agüero could testify best – the former Man City forward posed with the rapper before their shock exit from the Champions League against Spurs.

While most Chelsea fans have been worried about the curse potentially ruining their season, others pointed out the fact that even though Drake might have been detrimental to other sports teams or personas – he has a good track record when it comes to Chelsea. 

Drake met Didier Drogba after Chelsea’s Champions League quarter-final match against Benfica in 2012, a campaign that the Blues eventually went on to win.

The Canadian rapper also met John Terry in 2016, the year before Chelsea won the Premier League for the sixth time – and it is time that will do the talking, as to whether this season will end in disaster or more glory for the Blues.