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How Christian Pulisic Gained The Nickname ‘Drake Of Soccer’

How Christian Pulisic Gained The Nickname ‘Drake Of Soccer’

While Football dominates the sporting headlines all throughout the year, this week it took a backseat to the 57th edition of the Super Bowl.

Barring the UEFA Champions League final or quadrennial FIFA World Cup, the Super Bowl is known to be the biggest sporting event in terms of viewership, and every year, it captures an audience of over 100 million viewers.

The NFL’s showpiece event generates plenty of buzz, be it around the highly-awaited half-time shows, the quirky, theme-centric ads and of course, the big game itself.

In recent years, the NFL craze has gripped ‘Soccer’ as well, as Footballers such as Harry Kane, Javier Hernandez, David Luiz and many others have displayed their fondness for the game.

While these names might not be the most obvious candidates for NFL fans, Chelsea forward Christian Pulisic certainly is.

Born in Hershey, Pennsylvania, American Football is deeply embedded within the USMNT International’s roots, and he’s shown off his NFL fandom on numerous occasions.

Pulisic has been spotted wearing NFL jerseys of multiple franchises, which has even earned him an unfortunate moniker: The ‘Drake of Soccer’.

For context, the tag references Hip-Hop superstar Drake, and more specifically, his inability to be loyal towards any Football club.

The rapper is known to put on Football jerseys on a whim, from Chelsea to Juventus or Napoli to Liverpool, Drake has shown love to them all but loyalty to absolutely none. 

Similarly, Pulisic has sported on the tops of numerous NFL teams, be it the Philadelphia Eagles, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite repping their gear, the 24-year-old supports none of the aforementioned franchises, as he is in fact, a New York Jets fan.

Intriguingly enough, there are no pictures of him wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey, which one would think is an obvious pick.

Nevertheless, for this year’s Super Bowl, Pulisic was likely in the Philadelphia Eagles’ corner, which certainly didn’t bode well for him in the end.

The Eagles lost a tightly-contested Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs, with star Quarterback Patrick Mahomes starring throughout the game.

The day after the Big Game, Pulisic turned up to Chelsea training sporting a Chiefs Jersey with ‘Mahomes’ on the back, probably to shout out the player.

Blues fullback Reece James made sure to capture the sight and rub the Eagles’ loss in Pulisic’s face, as he posted the image on Instagram with the caption ‘Great start to my Monday’ with a laughing emoji.

The comparisons to Drake actually brought a bit more perspective to his ‘Captain America’ nickname for fans online.

With an all-encompassing nickname like that, how can Pulisic be biased towards just one NFL team? It all makes sense now.