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Christian Pulisic Does Not Want To Be Called Captain America Anymore

Christian Pulisic Does Not Want To Be Called Captain America Anymore

Christian Pulisic is regarded as the Golden Boy of the current US Men’s National Team and has played a major part in their recent success.

With 21 goals and 12 assists in 52 appearances, the captain of the US national side is a major influence on aspiring footballers in his country and is hugely popular as well.

While his stint at Chelsea since joining from Borussia Dortmund in 2019 has had its ups and lows, his popularity hasn’t diminished.

The 24-year-old has, after all, won the Champions League with the Blues as well as the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup titles, while being the only US player in history to do so.

Pulisic is an exciting player to watch, as he boasts a really tricky style that helps add something different to his side.

The impressive dribbling ability that sees him dance past players with ease, as well as his clinical finishing technique make him very unpredictable for the opposition defenders.

The 24-year-old is yet to reach his peak and still has his best years ahead of him, which makes things even more exciting for his massive fan base in the USA.

Being such a popular figure, Pulisic is often invited to interviews or press interactions in his country to promote the beautiful game.

Recently, he appeared for GQ Magazine on their sports channel on Youtube.

He was part of the ‘Actually Me’ segment – where the sportsperson has to go undercover on various social media websites and reply to real comments made by people on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tiktok and more.

The winger is fondly called ‘Captain America’ by his fans because of his stature as the US Men’s National Team captain and the best player to have come out from the country in quite a while.

But it appears that he isn’t really as fond of the nickname as the fans would’ve hoped for.

During the segment, Pulisic wandered into a Reddit post where a fan is seeking recommendations for his nicknames.

Some interesting ones that the fan posted included ‘The Hershey Hammer’ or ‘The Hershey Hare Pennsylvania Pele’.

The first bits are a nod to his home town of Hersey, Pennsylvania in the USA – while the ‘Pele’ one is to praise his work for the national team.

The fan also recommends the likes of ‘Puligod’ and ‘Captain America’ as his nicknames, but the 24-year-old wasn’t so thrilled by it.

He replied to him in the comments: “I don’t know if I like any of those. I’m pretty much used to Captain America at this point. It’s funny cause there’s always other Captain Americas to me so that’s fine. But I think we need a bit more work on a good nickname for sure.”

Well, so you have it, Pulisic isn’t a fan of the Captain America nickname and wants it to be replaced soon.

The Chelsea and USMT fans will now probably have to do some brainstorming on a new one that can please the winger. Puli-Hulk or The Iron Puli, maybe?