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Bullyboys: Ben White has no sympathy for Minamino as Virgil van Dijk laughs at Martinelli

Bullyboys: Ben White has no sympathy for Minamino as Virgil van Dijk laughs at Martinelli

Last night, Arsenal and Liverpool played out a dire 1-1 statemate in their quest for qualification into the EFL Cup final.

A disappointing affair, to say the least, considering the two sides fielded perhaps the strongest XI’s possible.

A 24th-minute red card for Granit Xhaka clarified the Gunners’ objective, which was to survive an onslaught from the Reds with 10 men, at Anfield no less.

They did so valiantly and thwarted Liverpool’s attempts at gaining an advantage in the two-legged tie.

Nonetheless, a scoreless result usually does mean that the respective rearguards were at their best which was certainly the case here.

The main men in defence for both teams were standouts and even exhibited the proper centre-back attitude.

Ben White mocks Minamino after horrible miss

First up is Arsenal’s Ben White.

The Englishman’s £50 million move from Brighton might’ve raised a few objections, but White’s recent performances have drowned out all the noise.

He was at his brilliant best against Liverpool and was crucial in making sure that his side held firm.

Imperious on the night, White took no prisoners, and this image encapsulates that.

Takumi Minamino fired his shot over the bar, squandering a golden chance to put his side ahead.

In response, White offered the Japanese a laugh drenched in mockery.

The moment quickly gained fanfare among Gooners online who loved the centre-back’s attitude.

Van Dijk’s signature smirk

Solid as ever, Virgil Van Dijk alongside partner Joel Matip effectively kept Arsenal at bay throughout the game.

The Dutch International didn’t have much to do as his side had Lion’s share of possession throughout the game.

Despite that, any offensive forays by the Gunners were suppressed well by the centre-back, who was as ruthless as his Arsenal counterpart going by this image.

The picture features Van Dijk towering above a dismal-looking Garbriel Martinelli with an almost arrogant smirk on his face.

The moment happened after the Arsenal forward clattered into the centre-back in pursuit of the ball.

The collision laid the pair flat on the turf, however, Van Dijk quickly shook the challenge off and got back up on his feet.

Martinelli appeared the more affected of the two despite committing the challenge, prompting Van Dijk to stand over him offering a look of disparagement.

It’s not the first time Van Dijk has given someone the smirk, in fact, he often pulls it out after dominating an opponent.