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Unleash The Dogs of War: The Powerful Phrase Uniting Everton Fans in Times of Crisis

Unleash The Dogs of War: The Powerful Phrase Uniting Everton Fans in Times of Crisis

Everton F.C. has been handed a 10-point deduction in their current season for a breach of the Premier League’s financial rules. As a result, Everton slipped from 14th to 19th position in the league table. Amidst these adversities, the Everton fans have only one thing to say: “Unleash the dogs of war”.

“The dogs of war” is a phrase that originated from William Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar.” In a particular scene, Mark Antony uses this metaphorical expression to suggest the commencement of a fierce conflict or battle to revolt against Caesar’s assassins.

This phrase is often used metaphorically to symbolize a fighting spirit or an aggressive approach. However, Everton fans are definitely familiar with this phrase more so than anybody else.

After a poor start to the season, Sean Dyche’s side were in a comfortable 14th position in the table. This 10-point deduction has now pushed them to the second bottom position on goal difference. With a narrow relegation escape in the past two seasons, the Blues are now again gearing up for a third consecutive battle.

Everton were handed the highest points deduction in the history of the Premier League for a breach of its profit and sustainability rules. With a mere 4 points from 12 games, only one side in Premier League history has survived relegation and that team coincidentally was Everton in 1994-95.

Fans have drawn parallels between Everton’s current miseries with their 1993-94 campaign. With Mike Walker, Everton had avoided the drop to relegation on the final day after coming from 2-0 down to beat Wimbledon 3-2.

It was in the next season of 1994-95 when Joe Royle was appointed the manager of a struggling Everton side. Joe Royle came in and got his side off to a flier by defeating Liverpool 2-0. After the match, he named his players “The Dogs of War” as a recognition of their fighting spirit and battling mindset.

Joe Royle’s team went on to win five consecutive matches after that. He also steered the same team to FA Cup glory at Wembley, defeating Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United in the final. Till date, it remains as the club’s last major honour.

In the ongoing 2023-24 season, fans are pushing to revoke a similar mentality in the team. If Dyche’s team were to compete in the league next season, they have to unleash the “dogs or war”.

The fans in blue have been seen repeatedly echoing this slogan showcasing their passion and belief in their team’s ability to overcome challenges and emerge victorious. In these struggling times Everton needs the unifying support from their fans and there is definitely no shortage of that.

“This will be the ‘Dogs of War reborn’. I imagine the players are now going to be playing like their lives depend on it and it will mean even more to them now.”. Commented an Everton fan on

“We were in this position in 1993-94 and then ended up winning a trophy too, will the stars align for us again and history repeat itself? The core values of the club are to stand together in what we believe in.”. Commented another Everton fan.

Nobody can turn the clock back to those days but the ‘Spirit of the Blues’ from that era can now be rekindled and it’s on Sean Dyche’s team now.