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Full Lyrics Of Catchy ‘Hanging On The Wall’ Everton Chant

Full Lyrics Of Catchy ‘Hanging On The Wall’ Everton Chant

Despite a fairly decent start to the 2023/24 campaign, Everton were forced into the relegation zone after being given a 10-point deduction in November.

However, instead of moaning about it all the time, Sean Dyche and his men decided to use their anger to revitalize their performance.

As a result, the Toffees have gone on a four-match winning run in the Premier League that has now steered them well above the relegation battle.

Of course, Everton fans have every right to be delighted with whatever has transpired since their team’s point deduction.

It almost feels like the fans’ anger has resonated with the players, as the Toffees have kept four consecutive clean sheets in as many games – defeating the likes of Newcastle United and Chelsea comprehensively.

To celebrate their side’s recent success, some Everton fans have created a whole new chant dedicated to mocking the Premier League’s 10-point deduction inflicted upon them.

This chant basically does a retelling of how Everton were able to cut down their punishment and make the Premier League’s deduction look really silly.

The lyrics of this chant are also rather clever and innovative for the most part. The chant goes something like this:

‘It was a ten-point deduction, hanging on a wall. Ten-point deduction, hanging on the wall.

Then Dwight McNeil, he only went and scored. It was a seven-point deduction, hanging on a wall, a seven-point deduction, hanging on the wall.

Them Geordie b**tards they left with f***all. It was a four-point deduction, hanging on a wall.

A four-point deduction, hanging on the wall. Then Chelsea, Rent Boys, they couldn’t kick a ball.

It was a one-point deduction, hanging on a wall, one-point deduction hanging on the wall.

Then the Toffees went to Burnley and Michael Keane scored.

It was a no-point deduction, hanging on the wall. Your point deduction, it counted for f***-all.

Because Sean Dyche’s Toffees are gonna win it all.’

This brand new chant is earning a lot of love from the Everton faithful, most of whom really love how it gives a middle finger to the Premier League and recounts their brilliant run of form after the points deduction.

The chant is inspired by a nursery rhyme ‘Ten Green Bottles Hanging on the Wall’.

The rhyme is basically a melody where the number of bottles reduces with every verse, and the Everton fans have used that to reduce the point deduction in their chant.

With that being said, some fans have also taken offence to certain aspects of the lyrics in the chant.

One that has not impressed many is the use of the term ‘Rent Boys’ to describe the Chelsea win. That is because the term is extremely homophobic and an insult towards homosexual football fans.

On top of that, some Everton fans have also noted how the usage of the term ‘Rent Boys’ is now a breach of discrimination rules as per the Football Association.

As a result, Everton could potentially be charged or fined if unable to get the term deleted from this chant if it ever gets going in their games.

While this brand-new chant is a brilliant mockery of the 10-point deduction, the Everton faithful will probably need to tweak it a little bit to remove the unnecessary offensive bit and make it just about perfect enough to be sung in their games.