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Fans Puzzled By Ben White’s Skin Tone: Fake Tan Or Natural Glow?

Fans Puzzled By Ben White’s Skin Tone: Fake Tan Or Natural Glow?

Arsenal’s emphatic 2-0 win over Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. over the weekend brought attention, once again, to the talent that the title-challenging squad holds and specifically highlighted the defensive prowess of the team.

One particular talent that has been shining the brightest amongst them all might be Benjamin William White or Benjamin, as he prefers to be called.

The Arsenal right back has turned out to be an indispensable part of the defence machinery that Mikel Arteta has deployed to challenge for the title.

But, his on field glare might not be the only thing attracting attention nowadays. Apparently, his ‘orange complexion’ of late, has made fans wonder if he has been using fake tan for a while now.

Fans are asking how Ben is finding the time and the place in the UK weather, which isn’t particularly known for its sunny disposition, to get that amount of UV radiation to maintain such levels of tan.

According to them even Kieran Trippier, the Newcastle right back, didn’t have that much tan even after spending two years under the direct sunshine of Spain.

Tanning, for those of you new to the term, refers to darkening of the skin tone through exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, either through direct exposure to sunlight (sunbathing) or through artificial methods of tanning (sun/tan beds).

Long term exposure, though, can cause some health issues, so it should be used very carefully and in a limited manner.

The 26 year old has been admired by the fans for his looks and style for a while now, as some even have proclaimed ‘He is too beautiful to be that good at defending’ and vice versa. Some fans really want to know the reason behind his immaculate skin and the skin care routine that Ben deploys.

Yet, as with any public figure, there are always critics ready to question choices made off the pitch.

Some football fans and even some Arsenal fans too, for that matter, have questioned his orange skin complexion.

Any bad performance on his part, is usually followed up with memes or social media posts blaming him for spending too much time on his beauty routine instead of practicing football. 

“Ben White should be embarrassed. How much fake tan is he wearing,” one fan laughed on social media.

Even Aaron Ramsdale, the Arsenal goalkeeper, when asked to describe Ben white in one word, used the word ‘tan’ as his choice of word.

The sunbed trend in football isn’t entirely new, with some players openly admitting to utilizing artificial tanning methods to achieve a desired look.

Ben, earlier used to be a skinny little lad when he joined up from Brighton in 2021 and has since started maintaining his physique as well well as his fashion style is up there competing with modelling standards.

He even got a butterfly tattoo on his back recently and his hairstyles and beard trims have been the talk of the town.

Ben white is a skilled defender and has shown time and again that he is capable of taking his talents to the next level.

Last season, in Arsenal’s title chase, he was part of 35 (2 as a sub) out of the 38 Premier League games that his team played.

This shows that he isn’t just the pretty face but is holding a steady place in the team for his defensive skills and that the coach believes in him.

In the recent clash against Brighton, Ben worked diligently both defensively and offensively, contributing to a clean sheet and placing his team at the top of the EPL table for the upcoming Christmas period.

Despite the playful moniker ‘Ben Tan’ that fans have given him, Ben White remains focused on bringing success to Arsenal this season, steadily improving his form with each passing day and silencing his critics.