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Jealous Trolls Hate on Viral Danny Aarons and Angry Ginge Edit

Jealous Trolls Hate on Viral Danny Aarons and Angry Ginge Edit

The internet can be a very hostile place sometimes. Fueled by the anonymity of the web, people like to express their hatred even over the smallest things.

This time it’s Twitter’s turn to ride on a hate train about a particular picture being shared over its platform.

The picture in question is a morphed, or you could say photoshopped, picture of Danny Aarons and Angry Ginge striking a pose while sitting in front of an attaché with a chess board on it.

In case you haven’t recognised it yet, it is a modified version of the original iconic Louis Vuitton picture that brought the world of football ultimate joy.

Yes, the one with the football greats Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, both appearing in it, shot before the 2022 World Cup.

Fans have a fond memory of the picture as it had mended the rivalry for a brief moment, just to appreciate the greatness of the two best football has ever seen.

But to see Danny and Ginge being portrayed in the same vein has made them lose their mind. Without a second thought it has been declared the worst picture to exist on the internet.

The context in which the picture arrived to the forefront is the Sidemen’s new video release of ’20 vs 2′, a twist to their usual ’20 vs 1′ videos.

The 2 in this case are the above mentioned social media stars. Sidemen decided to post this “abomination” of a photograph to promote this release.

Sidemen are bunch of young influencers who like to create whacky content with other youtubers and influencers. They gained their fame with football related videos at the start and have since switched to a wider variety of content.

They have a over 20.7 million YouTube subscribers and hence the picture was bound to spread like wildfire.

There are plenty of random morphed photos on the internet, so what was so appalling about the picture, you might ask?

Danny Aarons and Angry Ginge (Morgan Burtwistle) are YouTube and Twitch famous personalities, respectively, known for their comedic and fun content around the FIFA games.

To see them team up with Sidemen, another one of the bad actors in their eyes, was enough of an agony for them. Seeing these two replace the footballing legends in the picture made the football fans fume even harder.

People are deeming it grotesques and demanding consequences over this. Calling it a decline of the generation, fans have even compared them to Hitler and Stalin.

The most amusing part about the picture is that even the original photograph was a photoshop. The two GOATs were never together for the shoot, as was seen in a behind the scene footage shared by Louis Vuitton.

So, why get so mad about altering an already morphed picture for their use? As the fans defending them have said, if you don’t enjoy the content, just don’t pay heed to it. Being obsessed over it doesn’t prove anything.

While some are wondering why are people even giving them this much attention, others are asking if the one’s hating on it are actually jealous of the fame these youngster have accumulated.